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For Mayonaka.

Starting from this page in the Problem Sleuth unlockables list.

MC & SMK: Wage merciless, donation-funded warfare against the protagonists in a non-canonical but nonetheless grand plotline.

SMK and the Midnight Crew head to the deck for an old fashioned gang-style brawl. DMK gets out of the way cause it looks like shit's about to go down pretty hard and heavy.

SPADES SLICK wreaks havoc on PS with his CAST IRON HORSE HITCHER. CLUBS DEUCE employs his CROOK OF FELONY to bludgeon AD in the snout to establish similarity. DIAMONDS DROOG viciously wields his ULTRA-VIOLENCE CUESTICK against ZAD.

PI tiptoes away because he finds all the commotion quite upsetting. HEARTS BOXCARS wonders just where the devil he thinks HE's going.

HEARTS BOXCARS deals PI a savage whipping with his TV ANTENNA.