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For Anthony.

Starting from this page in the Problem Sleuth unlockables list.

HONEYBEE PROFESSOR: put an end to PROBABILITY THEORY WASP PROFESSOR's troublesome meddling once and for all.

The Honeybee Professor enlists the support of the Clown Bard to conjure a WINDOW and a highly tempting PIE left to cool on its sill.

The Wasp Professor understandably makes a beeline for the pie, which quickly disappears per the hoax of a mischievous clown.

The Honeybee Professor summons a PORTAL COUNTERPART WINDOW and positions it to face the clown's window.

The Wasp's frantic trajectory is sandwiched between the two windows.

In pressing the windows together, the Professor and the Clown make a grave miscommunication. One of the windows knots inside the other, forming a tight spiral WINDOW WREATH.

Wasp Professors fire in all directions.