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For Bradley.

Starting from this page of the Problem Sleuth.

Death: Using your TOME OF WAYFARING SOULS, gather the former skeletal remains of PS, PI, and AD, as well as ZAD. Shit just got so real that you form a BAND and go on TOUR, performing 'THRILLER' and other undead related MUSICAL NUMBERS.

You and your porous accomplice gather up the bones of fallen heroes. You have big plans.

You have your sights set on BROADWAY!

You purchase a used FOG MACHINE for enhanced theatrical SPOOKINESS.

The stupid thing is broken though! It won't put out a lick of fog.

Your three new recruits won't dance, because it seems they are just a pile of dusty old bones.

But that won't slow you down. You are both giving the performance your all, and you are having a lot of fun!