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For Chase and his Players.

Starting from this point in Problem Sleuth.

PI: Invite your unexpected guests in for a rousing game of DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS.

You are absolutely delighted to have company! You insist on marking the occasion with a spirited session of tabletop role playing!

You will obviously be the Dungeon Master because you have the best IMAGINATION.

You set up the game with a variety of CHARACTER SHEETS and LOOKUP TABLES, as well as an array of DICE, including several CARAMELS, a couple pieces of ROCK CANDY, and an EVERLASTING GOBSTOPPER.

Problem Sleuth makes a few rolls to establish his ABILITY SCORES, but can't make heads or tails from these stupid pieces of candy.

Ace Dick eats several CARAMELS.

Problem Sleuth just makes up some numbers and writes them down. His character is SNOOTRUFF NIBBLESCAB, a valiant and heroic WEASEL ROGUE-BARBARIAN. He is incredibly powerful and brave.

PS draws a cool picture of him on the back of his CHARACTER SHEET.

Ace Dick doesn't have the patience or IMAGINATION for filling out his CHARACTER SHEET. He draws a picture of his really cool and badass character, a HOG CYBORG WITH A BIG ASS GUN THAT SHOOTS SPIDERS AT THE PRESIDENT, AND A KNIFE FOR A HAT, AND A MOTORCYCLE THAT IS A BOMB.

Pickle Inspector begins spinning a wildly imaginative and convoluted quest. The two heroes have united with the legendary, rough-hewn band of Firefighter Brigands to storm the Empire of a Thousand Witches, lead by the merciless Bathing King of Greed. He bellows there will be a fistful of oily, dirty cash to the first shrew what fells these hooligans 'fore his water drains.

Problem Sleuth falls asleep. Ace Dick starts chatting up one of the dames.