Rose: Pester John.

TT: That's quite a totem collection.
TT: What are you planning?
EB: oh whoa hi!
EB: oh...
EB: gonna make some stuff.
EB: are you ok? hasn't your house been on fire for like...
EB: five hours now?
TT: No, that was the nearby forest, which up until quite recently would have been best described as "on fire".
TT: But you may be excited to learn that just as recently, my house finally notched that achievement.
EB: wow, congrats i guess?
TT: Thank you. Have you seen Dave?
EB: nah.
EB: his bro is probably busy kicking his ass.
EB: that's probably all there is to say on the matter.
TT: Ok.
TT: I'm going to start putting this grist to use too.
TT: Let's be sparing with the frivolous knickknack breeding and focus on getting you up to the gate, ok?
EB: yeah, ok i hear you, but...
EB: i think we'll have plenty. i've been killing imps all over the house and now its lousy with gushers.
TT: Gushers?
EB: i mean grist.
EB: serves them right for ruining my posters. the bastards.
TT: Which posters?
EB: don't you see? my sweet movie posters. look at them, they're fucking ruined.
TT: John.
EB: ??????
TT: Are you suggesting that imps are responsible for defacing your movie posters?
EB: uh, YEAH?
TT: Your posters have looked like that ever since I first saw your room.
TT: The moment we started playing this game.
TT: I thought you had defaced them ironically to mock your father's interests.
TT: John?
TT: ...?

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