John: Pester Rose.

-- ectoBiologist [EB] began pestering tentacleTherapist [TT] --

EB: rose?
EB: are you there?
EB: i went through the gate, nanna said you might be here too.
EB: are you in kind of this spooky glowy place with oily rivers and stuff?
EB: let me know ok.

-- gardenGnostic [GG] began pestering ectoBiologist [EB] --

GG: john hi!!!!!
EB: hi jade!
EB: guess where i am.
GG: are you on the ground below the clouds yet?
EB: yeah!
EB: wait how did you know that's where the gate goes...
EB: did you talk to rose? can she still see me while im down here?
EB: she won't answer.
GG: no i havent talked to her yet but id like to soon
GG: ive got a lot of catching up to do with all of you!
GG: sorry ive been so scarce ive just been so busy running around like crazy and looking after my dog and stuff all day!!!!
GG: i think he just locked me in my room actually :\
EB: oh man.
EB: he sounds like such a handful.
GG: yeah
EB: but it's ok, i think he is mostly just looking after you.
EB: like a guardian angel or something.
EB: if i were you i would take him out behind the woodshed and give him a big hug.
GG: :D
GG: hey john can you hold on i have to talk to dave and start playing this game with him
EB: oh? what game?
GG: sburb!!!! duh what else!
EB: what, i thought you didn't even know what sburb was!
GG: oh jeez i was asleep when i said that silly!
GG: of course i know what it is
EB: oh ok.
EB: where did you even get it?
GG: from the ruins
GG: its daves copy
EB: wow.
EB: the thing you just said doesn't even make the slightest bit of sense.
GG: i know right! hehehe
GG: oh!!!!
GG: that reminds me since im setting the game up with dave to be his server you are going to need to do the same thing for me
EB: oh really?
EB: this is news to me.
GG: can you see from where youre standing the place your dads car would have fallen?
EB: oh yeah, i think so. it'll be kind of a long walk though, this place is huge.
GG: you should go there and get your copy of the server and set up with me.....
GG: oh and also get your package!!!!!! :)
EB: okay.
EB: wait, how did you know my dad's car fell down here?
GG: johhhhn will you stop trying to trap me!!!
GG: you TOLD me the car fell remember?
GG: jeeeez
EB: jeeeeeeeeeeez!
EB: ok fine well color me suspicious anyway.
EB: miss knowitall mcpsychicpants.
GG: john im not any more psychic than you though
EB: ok sure i am convinced.
EB: you have convinced me.
EB: also i told you the package was in the car but i never mentioned that the game was there too.
EB: so kind of totally busted i guess.
GG: hahahaha oops ok!
GG: i mean i know lots of things but im really serious its no more information than what you have access to
GG: but you dont know it yet
GG: anyway we can talk more about it soon.....
GG: i wont have to be so coy with you anymore because im pretty sure most of the stuff that was supposed to happen has already happened
GG: i couldnt tell you about it because it would have messed it up!
EB: ok, that is fair.
GG: just give me a few minutes while i set up this game!
GG: and say hi to the salamanders for me
GG: <3

> ==>