Jade: Deploy the cruxtruder in its place.

TG: so seriously what were you doing just now
TT: I was talking to someone.
TG: who
TT: You remember the trolls?
TG: yeah
TT: One of them messaged me, so I indulged him/her/it for a moment.
TG: oh i see you opted to chat up one of those dbags instead of talk to the guy who saved you from a swirling shitstorm of angry flaming wizards
TG: i was worried your priorities might have been out of whack but no i was dead wrong
TT: I also took a moment to check on John.
TG: how is he
TT: I can't see him anymore. Just his empty house.
TT: But I did talk to him briefly.
TG: i should probably text him soon
TG: see whats up
TG: because
TG: i love him
TT: I know.
TG: so this place youre at now
TG: its the same place hes at right
TT: It's hard to say for certain.
TT: But I think I like it here.

> Jade: Replace television with totem lathe.