A good place to keep lookout?

JOHN: nanna, are you there?
JOHN: i just saw my house from below. what gives? why did the gate take me down here?
NANNASPRITE: All the gates do, John. To ascend, each time you must first descend!
JOHN: huh. alright. so i guess i scramble around down here until... uh, until what?
NANNASPRITE: Until you find the next gate. It is hidden somewhere in the Land.
JOHN: ok, so i get to that gate and go in. then what? where does it take me? uh... further up maybe? but i haven't even built that high yet.
NANNASPRITE: So you see why you had to build in the first place, John? You must have a little faith in your dear old nanna!
JOHN: yeah, well, i do nanna but i'm still not really getting it. does the next gate down here take me back up to the house or something?
JOHN: (please don't say hoo hoo hoo)

> Seer.