Dave: Kick that puppet out of the shower.

GG: oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
GG: :(
GG: dave
TG: what
GG: :(
TG: what is it
GG: dave this poor bird
TG: what bird
GG: the one with the sword through it!!!
TG: i wouldnt know anything about that
GG: but isnt this your sword?
TG: that could be anyones sword
GG: :|
TG: what does it look like
TG: is it a cheap piece of shit
TG: cause i only bother with high quality blades
TG: forged by stoic asian masters
TG: hells of rude kinds of expensive
GG: all i know is........
GG: its sharp and its through a bird and its a sword
GG: end of story!!!!!!
GG: i am going to help the poor bird
TG: wait
TG: what do you mean
TG: dammit hold on a minute

> Jade: Retrieve Dave's copy of Sburb and the impaled crow.