Dave: Pester Jade.

TG: oh man
TG: awesome
TG: its awesome where you put that
TG: i was worried we were on the verge of getting some shit done
GG: duuurrrrr dave i was going to build some stairs up there durrrrrhhhhhh
TG: well where are they
TG: you say there will be stairs
TG: and yet
TG: i see no stairs
GG: gosh i dont know i guess i didnt find the time to make them because i keep getting punched in the face by robots and stuff!!!!!!!
TG: sorry
GG: ;p
TG: am i supposed to break that thing
TG: or hatch it
TG: or what
GG: i dont know!
TG: also what happened to all my shit
TG: the stuff scattered all over the roof
TG: did you put it somewhere
GG: nope....
TG: i mean not that i care
TG: it was a lot of mostly useless garbage
GG: what was it doing up here?
TG: i was going to use it to fight my bro with
TG: but i guess i forgot in the heat of battle
TG: also he was too fast

> Dave: Make the world's largest omlette.