Jade: Check unknown objects.

GG: ok some of these things we can deploy but some things we dont have nearly enough grist for!
TG: you mean the jumper block thing
GG: no no weve got enough for that.....
GG: but its still pretty expensive
TG: wait what
TG: the thing costs 1000 for me
GG: yeah me too!
GG: and we have 2000 to work with
GG: ok 1998 ._.
TG: what
TG: man i only got 200 to splash around with in roses rainbow world
TG: what the hell
GG: ohhh...
GG: how much did rose start with? when she was playing with john?
TG: hang on ill ask
GG: k
TG: she says 20
GG: i guess we keep getting more with each server/client connection!
TG: yeah
TG: so i guess you can buy everything now
GG: no!!!!
GG: i cant buy the holopad thingy and the intellibeam laserstation
TG: ok now i know youre making this shit up
GG: hahahaha no theyre right here!
GG: they cost a fortune
TG: well all i got here is the designix which i cant deploy cause i dont have any purples
TG: and the expensive as hell jumper thing and the cheap shunts which i assume do dick all without the jumpers to put em on
TG: oh also this cd which is 100 but i didnt drop cause it seemed like a stiff allocation of resources for now
GG: yeah ive got that too!
GG: i will deploy it
TG: so with each new connection in our player chain i guess new weird deployables are introduced
GG: yes i think that is how it works
GG: when john connects with me he will probably get some cool new things too!
TG: hey look we're learning stuff

> Jade: Deploy green and white compact disc.