You guide the Heir. Consult with him.

-- ectoBiologist [EB] began pestering tentacleTherapist [TT] --

EB: rose?
EB: are you there?
EB: i went through the gate, nanna said you might be here too.
EB: are you in kind of this spooky glowy place with oily rivers and stuff?
EB: let me know ok.
TT: I guess one could use those words to describe it.
TT: If armed with a predilection for the inapt.
EB: bluh bluh bluuuuuhhhhh.
EB: ok, what words would you use, miss wordypants mcsmartybluh.
TT: Eerily iridescent?
EB: umm...
TT: I certainly don't see any oily rivers.
TT: There's an ocean though.
EB: i haven't found an ocean yet.
EB: but i dunno, the place is really big.
EB: it's like a whole planet down here.
EB: oh man, which reminds me.
EB: i just got hounded by a troll.
TT: Yes, one of them is bugging me now.
TT: I thought it was odd timing.
EB: yeah well, they say they want to be friends, also they're playing sburb but like not the same session as ours or something.
EB: oh also they're moving backwards in time, which sounds really retarded, but whatever.
TT: Color my curiosity piqued, I guess.
EB: yeah, i guess answer him if you want. or not.
EB: but anyway, it's great you made it here alive and stuff!
EB: so dave came through?
TT: Eventually.
TT: Pardon the envy I'm about to vent in your direction.
EB: for what?
TT: For finding yourself at the mercy of a rational orchestrator.
EB: oh, haha.
EB: yeah, i'd feel kinda weird if dave was watching me too.
TT: You don't feel weird when I watch you?
EB: rose i feel weird when you're just TALKING to me, when you're watching me it's just like the weird frosting on the big weirdo cake.
TT: I can't see you now, for what it's worth.
EB: yes i'm freeeeeeeeee :D
EB: ok, i'm going to go over this river and through these woods.
EB: you talk to your troll i guess.
EB: we'll compare notes later.
TT: Ok.
TT: Bye, John.

> Who is this bothering you?