TT: Open Grist Cache

TT: It seems expanding the dimensions of your room cost us some "Build Grist".
TT: But deploying the lathe did not appear to incur any expense.
TT: It looks like certain objects are freebies, probably to help you set up the game.
EB: wow, ok.
EB: what do they do?
TT: I think it's up to you to find out.
TT: All I can do is drop stuff in your house, and move it around, apparently.
EB: how do i move stuff around? it sounds fun!
TT: I don't think you can as the client. You will need to install the server application.
TT: You should have received both in separate envelopes. I am running both on my computer right now.
EB: what??
TT: Did you get another envelope in the mail?
EB: no!
TT: Once you install the server and establish a connection, I'm sure you will be able to manipulate my environment in the same manner.
TT: Are you sure you didn't get it?
EB: oh man.
EB: i think i might know where it is.

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