Dave: Answer troll.

-- grimAuxiliatrix [GA] began trolling turntechGodhead [TG] --

GA: You Command The Seer
GA: So You May Have Some Insight Into Her Disposition
TG: who
GA: The One Who Is A Little Snooty
TG: oh yeah sure
TG: i command her alright i am like the pimpmaster hustledaddy of all snippy bookshrews
GA: Thats An Exotic Title
GA: I Thought You Were The Knight
TG: wrong what do you want
GA: Have You Found Her Demeanor To Be Chilly
GA: On A Basis Of Personal Interaction That Hypothetically Extends Beyond The Context Of A Short Lived And Lackluster Trolling Effort
TG: what the hell
GA: I Thought Your Familiarity With Her May Allow You To Furnish Me Insight
GA: She And You Are Familiar Isnt That Right
GA: She Perhaps Even Regards You With Uh
GA: Endearment
TG: you have no idea dude she is so in my grill
TG: like a stray hotdog that rolled down there
TG: and now its too much trouble to fish out with the tongs
TG: so you just watch it like crack and turn black
GA: Um Is This
GA: A Common Sort Of Practice In Human Courtship
GA: Watching Oblong Meat Products Tumble Into Places They Dont Belong
TG: man wait
TG: whats this about
TG: you have a thing for her dont you
TG: dont deny it bro its obvious
GA: Am I Being Accused Of Falling Prey To The Human Dysfunction Of Amorous Inclination
TG: hahahaha so terrible
TG: what a transparent dodge
TG: all hiding behind your alien shit
TG: just admit it
TG: you want me to help you win her over
GA: I Just Would Like To Gather
GA: Some Means Of Gauging Her Sincerity
TG: ok well its easy
TG: for everything she says take her to mean just the opposite
TG: see not everybody always means literally what they say the way john and jade always do
GA: Maddening
GA: How Do Humans Forge Meaningful Relationships Using Such Communication Patterns
GA: Perhaps It Is The Human Riddle That Is Truly The Ultimate Riddle
TG: oh my flipping christ
TG: ok if you want rose to dig you you got to leave that crap in the shitty scifi novels where it belongs
GA: It Was Not A Sincere Remark
GA: I Have Been Practicing
GA: Your Human Sarcasm
TG: oh ok
TG: that was pretty good
TG: maybe even too deadpan but its a start keep at it
GA: Very Well
GA: I Am Beginning To Feel As Though I Am The Only One Working On Our Friendship
TG: hahaha yes youre on a roll
GA: That Was Sincerity
TG: oh
TG: alright look
TG: if you want to keep her attention you got to pull out all the stops
TG: reverse psychology mind games all sorts of machiavellian bullshit
TG: i mean unless youre really smooth and inherently likeable like me which youre not
GA: Then
GA: Keep Saying The Opposite Things
TG: thats kind of the obtuse alien way of getting it but yeah
TG: be like
TG: an antagonism ninja
TG: like her
TG: i dont know you sort of remind me of her anyway so maybe thats a good thing
TG: it could be a horrible thing though
GA: It Sounds Like
GA: You Are Advising Me To Troll Her Again
GA: Which I Have Tried
GA: It Proved To Be A Fruitless Endeavor
TG: yeah i guess i am
TG: i guess im saying be a less shitty troll
GA: Okay
GA: I Believe I Understand How To Proceed
TG: good luck bro

> Rose: Answer troll.