Rose: Answer troll.

-- grimAuxiliatrix [GA] began trolling tentacleTherapist [TT] --

GA: Your Dark Spectacled Friend Has Advised Me On A More Effective Method For Trolling You
GA: I Think His Contention Is That This Strategy Will Have The Opposite Of The Intended Effect And Precipitate A Sort Of Bond Between Us That Is Established In Mutual Antagonism
GA: What Do You Think About This
TT: I think you're shrewd to have recognized his ploy of sabotage, and you've earned my compliments.
GA: Ah See It Is Working Already
TT: What is?
GA: Ive Listened To His Advice
GA: And Have Resolved To Modify The Approach Slightly
GA: I Know What I Have To Do
GA: What We Have To Do Really
TT: What's that?
GA: Remember The First Time We Spoke
TT: Yes, but you said it wasn't the first time you spoke to me.
TT: We'll graciously omit my embarrassing skepticism however.
GA: The First Time You Spoke To Me Was The Second Time I Spoke To You
TT: This conversation doesn't sound like your first time either.
GA: This Is Your Second Conversation With Me But Is My Seventh With You
TT: And when exactly does your maiden encounter take place?
GA: Thats Next Time
TT: So to clarify.
TT: If the matching of my first with your second is denoted by 1=2, then the sequence would be:
TT: 1=2, 2=7, 3=1, 4=?, ...
GA: Yes And The Rest Of The Sequence Is Simply
GA: 4=3, 5=4, 6=5, 7=6
GA: Unless My Future Self Stowed Another Conversation In Between One Of Those Which Is Entirely Possible
GA: But Urrgh I Dont Want To Think About That
TT: Why is it that when the subject of temporal mechanics is broached your sparing troll intellects etcetera etcetera.
GA: See That Is What I Mean Rose You Are Not As Dumb Of A Girl As I Was Initially Lead To Believe
TT: You mean based on the first impression I am apparently about to make in our next conversation?
GA: Yes
TT: What could I possibly say that will leave such an imprint?
GA: That Is Why I Have Contacted You Now
GA: I Will Send You A Copy Our First Conversation Directly From My Chat Log

-- grimAuxiliatrix [GA] sent tentacleTherapist [TT] the file "ConversationWithAVeryStupidGirl.Txt" --

TT: I guess being forced to cooperate with a stable time loop is the only plausible explanation for my remarks.
GA: Yes And Then I Found It Sort Of Curious That During My Next Conversation With You Your Various Mental Endowments And Wherewithals Were Not As They Seemed
GA: I Suspected The Stratagem Might Be A Counter Trolling Measure But Then Was Not So Sure And Further Examination Grew Warrant
TT: And what if my counter-counter measure is to choose not to transcribe this dialogue accurately in the future-first place?
GA: But See I Have Edited The Copy Already In Ways That Will Remain Secret For Now But You Will Discover Once You Type It
GA: So You Are Destined To Edit It No Matter What And What You Submit Will Be What I Once Read Regardless
GA: !
TT: Unless I decide to copy it word-for-word!
GA: Yes Unless I Lied About Editing It In The First Place
GA: Either Way Through Knowledge Of What You Will Say I Have Precisely Engineered The Nature Of Your Transgression
GA: !!!
TT: So your trolling strategy now is to put idiotic words in my mouth through the machinery of temporal inevitability, and cause me to excruciate over how to subvert the transcription?
GA: Yes
TT: While being perfectly up front about it?
GA: Yes I Suppose Its That Sarcasm All The Time Seems Laborious To Me
TT: I'll admit, it's a more advanced tactic than I gave you credit for.
GA: Yes And The Providence Of This Antagonism Ninja Vice Grip Pinching Your Larynx Has Already Begun To Supply My Purpose With Fruit
GA: The Chilly Frost Shimmering On Our Tree Of Human Friendship Has Begun To Thaw
TT: Mixed metaphor aside, usually ninjas don't announce what they're doing when they're doing it.
TT: Like when stalking an emperor to assassinate him.
TT: Or befriend him.
TT: But that's fine.
TT: I guess the only pointless question we haven't exhausted is, why?
TT: Why the convoluted artifice?
GA: Dave Raised Insight Into The Human Psychology Of Friendship Development
GA: By Allotting You Your Side Of The Conversation I Have You At The Disadvantage In Your View And You Will Seek To Reclaim Higher Ground
GA: In Successive Conversations
GA: 4=3 And 5=4 And Such
GA: Your Demeanor Will Be Terse If Not Saturated With Disdain And It Will Cause Me To Be Confused And Question Your Motivation
GA: But Now I Know Your Motivation Because I Am Supplying It Here And Now
GA: They Will Be Simple Acts Of Friendly Human Retaliation
TT: So you're not only rigging the first impression I make on you, but orchestrating my revenge for the rigging as well?
GA: Yes
GA: It Seems Friendship For Some Humans Is A Basic Aggregation Of Shallow And Insincere Hostilities
TT: That's an interesting take on it.
TT: But now I know for sure Dave isn't behind this plan.
TT: It's too complicated.
GA: I Dont Understand
GA: Who Better To Coordinate Such Events Than The Knight Of Time
TT: You're awfully quick to his defense.
TT: Are you sure you don't have a thing for him?
TT: It's ok, bro. You can admit it.
GA: I'm Hopping To 8=8
GA: Ideally You Will Have Long Since Discarded This Train Of Thought
TT: Ok.
TT: I'm going to talk to my dead cat.

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