-- turntechGodhead [TG] began pestering ectoBiologist [EB] --

TG: ok im in
EB: in where?
TG: the medium
EB: oh, already?
TG: what do you mean already shit took 4 goddamn hours
EB: huh, i guess time flew by while i was doing other stuff.
EB: how did it go?
EB: with you and jade i guess?
TG: i dont want to talk about it
TG: imagine the worst day of my life
TG: just stood up and clinked a glass like it was about to give a speech
TG: then took a shit in my dinner and passed out with its pants down
EB: ew dog! ewwww!
TG: yeah
EB: so nasty! gross dude!!!
TG: stfu
TG: what are you doing
EB: i'm in a rocket pack and i am about to blast off into space.
TG: ok
EB: it should be sweet.
TG: i need some advice
TG: my kernelsprite which was this brainless feathery asshole with a sword in it
TG: turned into this bigger like ghostly feathery asshole
TG: with a sword in it
TG: it seems to want me to prototype it again
TG: not sure what to do
EB: hmm...
EB: have you asked rose?
TG: shes asleep for some reason
EB: wow, really?
TG: yeah i saw her there
TG: all tuckered out
TG: like she got smacked in the face with a pillow case full of the snooze wizards beard dander
TG: cause obviously its fuckin prime time for swiping some shuteye about now
TG: like a few hours into her magic stupid quest
TG: anyway what do you think
EB: i don't really know, i mean...
EB: it's supposed to be like your ghostly spirit guide or something.
EB: unless you have the remains of a wise old dead grandparent lying around, i'm not sure what to tell you!
TG: ok fine but
TG: it seems to be suggesting something here
TG: and
TG: i guess im kinda weirded out by its suggestion
EB: i don't know, just do what it says!
EB: it knows stuff about the game, so it probably knows better than i do...
EB: i gotta go!
EB: gonna blast off to the seventh gate.
EB: and, uh, win this game i guess.
TG: ok well it definitely sounds like youre fucking something up over there
TG: but alright later
EB: later.

> ==>