TG: he says i dunno gullible enough to trust a leetspeaking troll who wants you dead and strap on a rocket pack cause she said to
EB: this is like some terrible april fools prank.
EB: but 13 days too late.
EB: remember, you are talking to the pranking MASTER.
TG: ok that was probably the dumbest thing you ever said just now
EB: if future you is real, then why don't you let me talk to him.
TG: do you hear what youre saying oh my god
TG: this guy is me if i get him to talk to you youre just talking to me again jesus it proves nothing
EB: hold on, someone else is bugging me.

-- turntechGodhead [TG] began pestering ectoBiologist [EB] --

TG: john stop being a tool and unbuckle yourself from that piece of shit
TG: if our friendship means anything youll listen to me and past dave
TG: this is future dave by the way
EB: hahaha!
EB: wow, you're really pulling out all the stops for this stunt!
EB: using your phone and computer at the same time to message me.
EB: you're kind of going through a lot of trouble actually, i don't know why you're bothering with this.
TG: yeah exactly why would i bother
TG: this sort of cornball horseshit is your cup of tea not mine
TG: dont make me track you down through time and stop you in person
EB: you can't track down through time WHAT YOU CAN'T CATCH!
EB: pchoooooo!
TG: oh god did you just blast off
EB: no...
EB: but that would have been sweet if i did just then.
TG: ok well just dont ok
TG: im turning this timeline over to past dave
TG: and helping you all stay alive and do this thing the right way this time
TG: just stay on the goddamn ground for fucks sake
EB: ok, i guess...

> ==>