John: Scold TT.

EB: you can see me, right.
EB: tell me what is wrong with this picture.
TT: Sorry. I keep losing the wireless signal.
TT: Must be the weather.
TT: I would look for a stronger signal in another part of the house, but I'd rather not risk an encounter with my mother.
TT: I battled through her cloud of gin and derision once already this evening.
EB: haha, yeah I hear you.
TT: Yes. Cake, jesters, unfaltering love and support.
TT: Quite a road to hoe there.
TT: Though I suppose I'm complicit for not informing Social Services about your situation.
EB: i know!
EB: what about going outside?
EB: maybe you could catch a neighbor's signal.
TT: That presents the same problem.
TT: Also, it's raining, remember?
TT: And dark.
EB: It's dark already?
TT: Yes, the sun has already had its way with us here on the east coast.
TT: Its lurid glare has moved on to younger timezones.
EB: haha, um, ok.

> John: Hit Cruxtruder with sledgehammer.