Rose: Get trolled by GA.

-- grimAuxiliatrix [GA] began trolling tentacleTherapist [TT] --

GA: Hello Again
GA: Are We Friends Yet At This Point In Time
GA: I Would Speculate That If We Are Not By Now Then It Is Probably Not To Be
TT: Pardon?
GA: Furthermore Which Rose Have You Chosen To Be This Time
GA: The Stupid Rose Or The Smart Rose
TT: I'm a little busy.
GA: It Sounds Like You Are Attempting To Be The Smart Rose This Time
GA: Please Take Note Of The Subtle Scorn Underlying The Selection Of The Word Attempting
GA: Smart Rose Should Get A Kick Out Of That
GA: Smart Rose Is All About Subtle Scorn Isnt She
TT: That sounds about right.
GA: Whereas Dumb Rose Doesn't Capitalize Letters Even When Discussing The Proper Names Of Human Monsters In Earth Cinema
GA: I Think You Should Establish A Greater Commitment To A Single Roleplaying Scenario
TT: Honestly, I was looking forward to playing along and reading your Dumb Rose script for our next conversation.
TT: But it turned out there was a perfectly logical explanation for it all.
TT: Imagine my disappointment.
TT: While I imagine yours, once you finally catch on.
GA: I Suddenly Dont Understand Anything
GA: What Are You Talking About
TT: I'd love to explain in detail and cause some sort of time paradox.
TT: But you see - and this revelation may be as startling as any -
TT: I'm a little busy.
GA: I Believe I Understand
GA: It Was I Who Did Something To Provoke Your Scorn In A Previous Conversation
GA: One Which I Have Not Had Yet
TT: Yes, that is definitely a conclusion you have just now drawn.
TT: The only thing left to do is ride out the next several conversations while you maintain that understanding.
TT: And while I maintain the chilly facade you have grown to so enjoy from Smart Rose.
TT: Which shouldn't be too difficult, because... have I mentioned?
TT: I'm busy.
TT: Goodbye.
GA: Fine

> Dave: Keep getting trolled by GC.