Aradia: Get bugged by AG.

arachnidsGrip [AG] began trolling apocalypseArisen [AA]

AG: Araaaaaaaadiiiiiiiia!
AA: 0h b0y thats way t00 many of the same letter in a r0w twice
AG: I know!
AG: So we're a8out to get started right?
AG: Have you tricked Sollux yet?
AG: Do you have Mr. Two Eyes all 8efuddled and flustered in your we8 of lies?
AG: Or Mr. Four Eyes?
AG: Hmmmmmmmmm.
AG: I don't know. Which nickname do you think would 8e suita8ly derogatory in this case Aradia?
AA: h0w ab0ut
AA: eight eyes
AA: minus seven
AG: ::::P
AA: i didnt trick him
AA: its n0t like that
AG: Ok, whatever. The point is.
AG: Once you have pulled the finely woven silken mesh over his dum8 different colored eyes, you and I will start playing the game and 8e the 8lue team leaders.
AG: That's how this will work right????????
AG: Wait do you mind if we are co-leaders? I forgot to ask! I just assumed it was ok with you.
AA: i d0nt care
AG: Great. That's the spirit!
AG: And when I 8ring you into the game, whatever the hell that means, then we can send each other stuff right? That is how this works right?
AA: yes
AG: Awesome!
AG: 8ecause I have a present for you. It's a surprise, and it's going to 8e great. From me to you.
AG: Just from me. From me alone and no8ody else.
AG: I can't wait to see the look on your face when you see.
AA: 0k well im sure it will be very th0ughtful
AG: Hey speaking of which, what will the name of our team 8e?
AA: uh
AA: the blue team
AG: No no no no no. I know that.
AG: I mean the name of OUR team. You and me. Just uuuuuuuus.
AG: ::::)
AA: i havent given it any th0ught
AA: n0r did i think such a thing was up f0r c0nsiderati0n
AA: but if y0u want t0 pretend we b0th have a separate team t0gether
AA: and name that team
AA: then kn0ck y0urself 0ut
AG: I just thought it would 8e really fitting.
AG: Kind of like a fresh start, you know?
AG: I don't know, what are our shared interests? I guess I never really thought a8out this! I guess I'm used to thinking of you as the enemy. There must 8e some overlap in profiles.
AG: Come oooooooon, let's 8rainstorm!
AA: 0_0
AG: Man, it'll 8e great. We'll 8e unstoppa8le. Surely you must admit it will 8e nice to re8ound from the Team Charge de8acle!
AA: i never think ab0ut that anym0re
AG: Oh maaaaaaaan, I'm so dum8! Here I am running my mouth and opening up old wounds, while at the very same time trying to make amends! What an idiot.
AA: its 0k
AG: Hey speaking of which, that loser isn't going to 8e on the 8lue team is he?
AA: which l0ser
AG: Your old team 8uddy!
AA: n0
AG: Oh thank fucking goodness! Talk a8out dead weight. You made the right choice, leader! I mean co-leader.
AA: i didnt exclude him f0r that reas0n
AA: 0r at all
AA: y0ure just n0t getting it
AA: y0u never listen
AG: Man, now I've got this huge 8eefgrub lodged in my nook just thinking a8out him.
AG: I'm going to go give him a hard time.
AG: Let me know when you're live! Later.

arachnidsGrip [AG] ceased trolling apocalypseArisen [AA]

AA: d0nt d0 that its really childish
AA: uh w0w

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