Nepeta: Consult with friend on the matter.

arsenicCatnip [AC] began trolling centaursTesticle [CT]

AC: :33 < *ac twitches her friendly whiskers at ct*
CT: D --> Hi
AC: :33 < *ct purrplexes over where he put that important wrench that he n33ded for building a fancy robot or something*
AC: :33 < *he says, now where did that silly old wrench go??*
CT: D --> 100k
CT: D --> What are you e%pecting to accomplish with this
AC: :33 < *but oh look! ct p33ks around the corner to find that a very playful kitty has stolen the robot wrench and is now kicking it vigorously with her hind legs!*
CT: D --> This is f001ishness upon one hundred thousand prior, equally unsolicited f001ishnesses
CT: D --> You'll stop now
AC: XOO < rawwrrrrr
AC: :33 < youre so lame!
CT: D --> I'm not
CT: D --> I'm fine
AC: :33 < no! lame
CT: D --> No I'm not
AC: :33 < lame
CT: D --> No
AC: :33 < youve never played a fun purrtend game with me ever even once!
AC: :33 < even karkat does it sometimes, even if he does mean it in a grumpy and insincere way
AC: :33 < but at least its still fun!
CT: D --> Yuck
CT: D --> Don't pol100t my incoming data stream with his name, or any sort of e%cremental language you pick up from his ilk
AC: :33 < i s33 right through your stupid act, who are you trying to kid!
AC: :33 < look how you go out of your way to use words that have x's in them so that you can use your silly purrcent signs
AC: :33 < or use these absurd words that you can shoehorn a '100' into, even if its not strictly replacing 'loo'!!!
AC: :33 < you are so transpurrent
AC: :33 < i can tell you like to play games, d33p down you are a guy who likes to play games!
AC: :33 < i can smell a guy who likes to play games from so fur away with this nose, you have no idea X33
CT: D --> If you're 100king for a 100phole through which you may e%tract concessions from me, you'll have to 100k elsewhere
AC: :33 < s33! what the hell???
CT: D --> Nepeta, what did I say about that awful language
CT: D --> I won't stand for it, and you'll stop
AC: :33 < oops
AC: :33 < sorry :((
CT: D --> Your fraternization with the base classes have 100sened your morals, can't you see this
AC: :33 < no! i dont care, they are fun
AC: :33 < and i dont know anything about classes or bases or blood color, it doesn't matter!
AC: :33 < what does gr33n blood even mean! it doesnt mean anything to me and it shouldnt mean anything to anyone else!
CT: D --> Well, green b100d is ok, but it's not great
CT: D --> But that's why you're lucky to have me to 100k out for you
CT: D --> Because you don't know better, and you can't fight the role the mother had in store for you
AC: :33 < rawrgh, you are such a hypurrcrite!
AC: :33 < you pretend to be so high and mighty but i know you're not and i know you like games
AC: :33 < look at that silly little bow and arrow you always type!
AC: :33 < its always there, you never furget
AC: :33 < why would you do that if it wasnt a playful fun thing, i am so on to you!
CT: D --> My bow and arrow are highly dignified symbols
AC: :33 < lol! bs!!!
CT: D --> Archery is among the highest and most e%ceptional crafts, held in tremendous regard by the most a100f classes for centuries
AC: :33 < you suck at archery
CT: D --> No
AC: :33 < yes
CT: D --> No
AC: :33 < yes
CT: D --> No I don't
AC: :33 < yessssss yes yes yes
AC: :33 < have you ever even successfully fired an arrow?
AC: :33 < like actually got one to leave the bow??
CT: D --> I think
CT: D --> We need to stop talking about archery
AC: :33 < nuh uh
CT: D --> Yes
AC: :33 < no
CT: D --> We will stop talking about archery
CT: D --> The topic is making me
CT: D --> Sweat
AC: :33 < eww
AC: :33 < youre so gross
CT: D --> No, you're the one who e%ercises distasteful practices
AC: :33 < nooo, thats you
AC: :33 < everyone knows youre a weirdo and a cr33p!
AC: :33 < thats why youre lucky to have me to k33p an eye on you
AC: :33 < no one else can stand you!
CT: D --> You e%terminate beautiful, innocent creatures by the hundreds
CT: D --> I can't condone such wretched behavior
CT: D --> Beasts are meant to be 100ked upon with adoration
AC: :33 < but
AC: :33 < i eat them!
AC: :33 < i dont kill anything i dont eat, that would be mean
CT: D --> I guess that's basically acceptable in principle, but I still find it a bit unsavory
AC: :33 < well i think YOUR habits are unsavory!
CT: D --> No they're not
AC: :33 < yuh HUH
CT: D --> You're wrong about me, Nepeta
CT: D --> I do like to play games
CT: D --> But they must be e%tremely important games with very high stakes
CT: D --> Not the kind played by trans100cent green wigglers who let 100se an e%cremental surge hard in their wiggler-bottom diaperstubs
CT: D --> As it happens I have arranged to play just such a game tonight
CT: D --> Aradia and I have a private engagement to be co-leaders of the b100 team
AC: :33 < oh yeah??
AC: :33 < *well just by purrchance it happens that ac has a private and sneaky engagement to play this game as well!*
AC: :33 < *and by a purrsnickety twist of fate, she will be on the R33D TEAM, with her other great friends who like to play their childish diaperpoop games!!!!*
AC: :33 < :PP
CT: D --> Absolutely not
AC: :33 < absolutely :PP
CT: D --> I forbid this
CT: D --> You will take your position on the b100 team with me
AC: :33 < yeah right! i will take my purrsition into this funny pounce ball and tackle you!
CT: D --> That's nonsense, you're nowhere even remotely within my pro%imity that would be necessary to e%ecute such a maneuver
AC: :33 < *ac rolls her eyes almost as hard as she is rolling around in this really interesting smell*
CT: D --> The thought of you fraternizing with and abetting those stink-b100ded h001igans strikes me as scandal beyond measure
CT: D --> I'm afraid you're too delicate to withstand that sort of corruption
CT: D --> It's forbidden
AC: :33 < nuh uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh
CT: D --> Yes
CT: D --> You won't
AC: :33 < no
AC: :33 < i will
CT: D --> You won't
AC: :33 < you cant stop me!
CT: D --> I am telling you not to
CT: D --> And you will be on my team
CT: D --> That's final
AC: XPO < bllllraaaaaawwwwwlllllrrrrghgghghgh
CT: D --> Quiet
AC: :33 < why do you do this, why are you so confurdent about your stupid commands?
AC: :33 < dont you know you cant ACTUALLY tell me what to do??
AC: :33 < its not like you even have any special mind pawers or telepurrthy or anything!
CT: D --> No
CT: D --> I do not
CT: D --> And yet
CT: D --> You will do as I say
AC: :33 < yes well we will just s33 about that!
CT: D --> Yes we will
CT: D --> You will join me on my team shortly
CT: D --> Stand by for further instru%ion
AC: :33 < hisssssssss!
CT: D --> You're angry, and I appreciate that
CT: D --> But it doesn't matter
CT: D --> Di%ussion over
AC: :33 < :((

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