AG: Tavros, have I mentioned how cute you look in that plucky little outfit?
AG: Why if I didn't know 8etter, I'd say I was playing with Pupa Pan himself!
AG: Isn't that what you want, Tavros? To 8e like Pupa?
AG: Of course you do! What 8oy wouldn't want to 8e like Pupa! So dashing and 8rave.
AG: He is everything you are not!
AG: For one thing, he can flyyyyyyyy.
AG: Do you want to flyyyyyyyy, Tavros?
AG: Have you ever tried to fly? I 8et you haven't!
AG: How a8out we take to the skies, Pupa!
AG: Hahahaha, oh you like that idea, Pupa? Yes, you do. I can feel it in your simple, mallea8le 8rain.
AG: You want to fly so 8ad!

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