Nepeta: Interrogate frog girl.

arsenicCatnip [AC] began trolling apocalypseArisen [AA]

AC: :33 < aradia i can s33 you!
AC: :33 < that is you right
AA: yes
AC: :33 < why are you the floating frog all of a sudden?
AA: im dead
AA: my spirit merged with the fr0gsprite
AC: :33 < wow
AC: :33 < dead
AC: :33 < really?
AA: like a gh0st
AC: :33 < huh
AC: :33 < well i hope this doesnt make me sound dumb
AC: :33 < but i am completely blown away by that stunning revelation!
AA: y0u d0nt s0und dumb
AC: :33 < whew! :33
AC: :33 < how did you die?
AA: i ign0red the advice 0f a friend
AA: and made s0me bad ch0ices
AC: :33 < *ac rumples up her nose in purrplexment at aa's really vague and spooky answer*
AC: :33 < but actually thats good because i kind of think i dont want to know
AC: :33 < its making me sad to think about :((
AA: 0k
AA: nepeta can y0u please keep this a secret
AC: :33 < yes i purrmise i wont tell anyone about it
AC: :33 < and by purrmise i mean promise just so you know im serious!
AA: thank y0u
AA: ribbit
AA: wh00ps
AC: :33 < h33 h33 h33!!!

> Aradia: Be the huge bitch.