Vriska: Take dice.

You equip your enchanted dice set, the fabled FLUORITE OCTET.

It consists of eight D8, plundered from a ghost ship during a particularly challenging campaign. In ancient times such weapons were employed by roving bands of GAMBLIGNANTS, deadly marauders with a passion for chance. They all died off though. Took too many crazy risks.

Rolling the dice will execute a wide range of highly unpredictable attacks. Very high rolls can be devastating to even the most powerful opponents.

Of course with the luck you've had lately, you couldn't make a good roll to save your life. Got to do something about this awful luck.

Gotta catch a br8k!!!!!!!!

When you get worked up about stuff you put 8's in places that don't really make a lot of sense phonetically.

> Vriska: Begin meddling.