Vriska: Deal with this guy.

AG: Oh my god, why are you talking to me????????
This is the last time we'll ever talk.
AG: Still sticking with the white text I see. So smooth and stylish!
AG: I forgot how much I loved highlighting it to read all the 8oring things you have to say.
AG: It's like a fun game for super extra handicapped retarded people. Like opening a present! Find out what o8noxious thing the mystery tool typed.
AG: What is it!
A parting courtesy, I suppose.
All the ways I've exploited you were meant to bring about the events that will take place this evening.
Knowing this will provide context for the events in your near future, and will affect how you behave in response.
These events will be just as important as those preceding it.
I've gone to great lengths, you see.
AG: You didn't exploit me.
AG: You are just a petty douche with a 8ad temper who likes to pl8y g8mes, and all I did w8s humor you.
I did exploit you, very thoroughly. It was easy.
AG: So full of yourself!!!!!!!!
Have I ever lost a game?
AG: Don't ch8nge the su8ject!!!!!!!!
What subject are you referring to?
AG: I'm going to log off in a 8ig huff and you have to promise not to use that nasty trick where you log me 8ack on out of petty douchey spite!
AG: And then we can go 8ack to never ever talking, 8ecause man! That was heaven when it was like th8t!!!!!!!!
There's no need for that kind of assurance.
I'll be brief.
I no longer hold you accountable for any wrongdoing. In fact, I've given your transgression very little thought since the incident.
If you acknowledge this amnesty and regard it as sincere, you may begin to find the odds falling in your favor again.
This may be essential if you are to succeed on your journey.
AG: Mm hmm. Slow down! Man.
AG: I am just wearing out so many pens taking all these important notes! Fuuuuuuuuck!
AG: Fuck you for ruining all my good note-taking pens and giving me this terri8le cramp in my good note-taking hand!!!!!!!!
Incredible, the risks you take with your scorn.
But of course it was your unpleasant, simplistic temperament that made you so easy to control.
Vicious and predictable, like an insect.
If you turn a swarm of wasps on a crowd, the outcome is certain.
It takes no skilled strategist to understand this. You were in fact a waste of my talents.
A primitive expedient.
AG: Blech. What a sno8. You're worse than my meddley meddler meddlefriend.
I wonder why they waste their camaraderie on you. I'll never understand it.
AG: I thought you said you would 8e 8rief????????
I'll say one last thing.
Though the magnitude of the ensuing destruction resulting directly from your actions will be neither possible or necessary for you to fathom, there nevertheless ought to be a silver lining.
The only question is whether you will live long enough to see it.
I'm not a gambling man.
But if I was, I wouldn't bet on it.
AG: Zzzzzzzz. 8ye, assh8le.

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