Vriska: Answer white text guy.

AG: Well what! I am surrounded 8y ghosts and kind of fre8king out a8out it!
I know.
I'm asking what you intend to do about it.
AG: I don't know, I guess I will just curl into a little 8all and cry and hope they go aw8y!
AG: Is that what you want to hear you sick f8ck????????
Aren't you going to kill her?
AG: Who????????
Your friend.
The one who summoned the spirits.
AG: Will that make them go away?
Does it matter?
She brought them here to torment you. This obviously warrants revenge.
You know you're going to anyway. You won't be able to help yourself.
AG: I don't have to do shit!
AG: May8e I don't mind ghosts. May8e they'll 8e gr8 company once I get used to them!
No, they are terrifying you.
There's only one thing to do.
AG: Ok, so why don't YOU kill her! 8e my guest! Wow, thanks for offering. Wh8t a pal!
That's not how I work.
AG: Oh really, well you seemed pretty excited a8out killing Tavros too.
AG: And you even helped! So I guess that is how you work after all.
Not really.
All I did was stand somewhere for a few minutes.
I just gave you an opportunity to do something you wanted to do anyway.
You hated him, remember?
AG: I know I did! I still do, I guess. I dunno.
AG: 8ut I was never gonna kill these people. They were like, off limits I guess?
AG: These games were just supposed to 8e fun and serve no other purpose!
They were serving a very important purpose.
AG: Yeah ok, you getting off on talking a girl into killing her 8uddies sure is important!
AG: Los8r.
Again, I didn't talk you into anything, nor am I doing so now.
You were, and are, going to do this regardless.
I only ever place myself into positions of tangential involvement with events that will bring about my employer's entry into this universe.
I oversee the events as they take place, and ever so slightly nudge them into motion when necessary.
AG: I'm 8eginning to think you really 8elieve that! So delusion8l. You're just a path8tic, lonely gamer who 8uys into his own character profile 8S.
The omniscient have no need for beliefs and no room for delusion.
AG: Hahahahahahahaha!
AG: You're the dum8est omniscient person I ever met.
AG: Sure you know a lot, 8ut I know for a FACT there's stuff you don't know.
That's true.
But the gaps in my knowledge exist by design.
They are the pillars of shadow on which my comprehensive vision is built.
Necessary pockets of void meant to effectuate outcomes I've foreseen and which will require my influence.
Each dark pocket, in time, will be filled.
But I wonder why I waste this nuance on you.
AG: 8ecause you need to add more 8l8tant lies to patch up all the holes in your sad cover story.
I don't lie.
Deception is only necessary for those like you to achieve their objectives.
I play with my cards face up.
Isn't it funny how during our various matches, I can tell you what my moves will be in advance, and still win?
AG: ::::P
AG: Yeah, 8ut I'm getting closer to 8eating you. You'll see.
Look at that. The short amount of time I have reserved for arguing with a child has expired.
I will go.
But maybe you're right. Maybe you are a person with free will and you won't kill your friend.
What do I know?
Enjoy your haunting.

> Vriska: Make her pay.