AA: equius im ab0ut t0 thr0w an abluti0n trap thr0ugh y0ur wall
AA: heads up
CT: D --> Yes
CT: D --> Yes that was wonderful
AA: it was pretty c00l
CT: D --> But could you please refrain from dipping into the vernacular of commoners
CT: D --> In fact, this is an order from your leader
CT: D --> Call things by their proper names
AA: what
AA: y0u want me t0 call it a bath tub
AA: that s0unds ridicul0us
CT: D --> Nevertheless, do it
AA: fine
CT: D --> Now
CT: D --> Could you please
CT: D --> Uh
CT: D --> Do that again
AA: what
AA: y0u want me t0 thr0w the trap thr0ugh y0ur wall again
AA: i mean the tub
CT: D --> Yes
AA: is that an 0rder
CT: D --> Yes
CT: D --> Wait
CT: D --> I don't know
AA: what d0nt y0u kn0w
CT: D --> Maybe I don't want to order you to
CT: D --> Maybe I want
CT: D --> You to do whatever things that you want to do
AA: i really have n0 idea what y0ure talking ab0ut
CT: D --> You could cause quite a bother for me, with the power you wield
CT: D --> I can do nothing to stop you, peasant girl
CT: D --> It's so magnificently depraved
AA: y0u are s0 weird
AA: and this is c0ming fr0m a gh0st
AA: ribbit
CT: D --> What was that
CT: D --> Are you role playing now
CT: D --> Stop, it's unbecoming
AA: s0rry
CT: D --> You're better than that
CT: D --> And by better, I mean worse
CT: D --> Much, much worse
CT: D --> Downright coarse and degenerate
CT: D --> Just reprehensibly sordid
AA: 0_0
CT: D --> Actually
CT: D --> Yes
CT: D --> You may role play and proceed to deepen this already irretrievable debauchery
CT: D --> In fact I command it
CT: D --> I command you to have free will and do as you please
CT: D --> And continue being bothersome and unpredictably destructive
CT: D --> I mean
CT: D --> If you want
AA: im n0t really r0le playing
AA: im part fr0g
AA: but 0k
AA: i guess i can break s0me m0re stuff
AA: ribbit
CT: D --> Yes
CT: D --> Ribbit again
AA: i cant really c0ntr0l the ribbits

> ======>