Kanaya: Answer CC.

cuttlefishCuller [CC] began trolling grimAuxiliatrix [GA]

CC: )(-ELLO!
GA: Hey
CC: Glub glub glub glub glub!
CC: 38)
GA: You Seem More Excited Than Usual
GA: Or Less
GA: I Cant Tell
GA: Help Me Tell Without Saying Glub
CC: Glub glub glub glub glub glub glub!
GA: Im Going To Type This Face Now
GA: :?
GA: Even Though No One Knows How To Make A Mouth Do A Question Shape Like That
CC: )(a)(a sorry!
CC: I cant really control t)(e glubs.
GA: Yes You Can
GA: But Thats Fine You Can Glub To The Content Of Your Collapsing And Expanding Bladder Based Aquatic Vascular System
GA: If It Means You Are Excited About Something
GA: Ok Why
CC: -Everyt)(ing we are about to do next is exciting.
CC: It is always exciting.
CC: I'm -EXCIT----------------ED!
CC: Pc)(ooooo.
GA: It Looks Like One Of Your Letters Got Away From You
CC: )(a)(a yea)( I really launc)(ed t)(at one.
GA: You Forked An Innocent D Loitering Over There By The Shout Pole Minding Its Own Business
CC: )(-E)(-E!
CC: Glub glub glub!
CC: )(-EY! Lets stop being retarded for a minute.
GA: Yeah Sure
CC: I am just worked up about t)(is game, it will be great.
CC: Ive been waiting a long time to get started! We all )(ave.
GA: I Thought So
GA: I Have Been Cloaked In A Mood Of Perpetual Anticipation For Some Time As Well
CC: We s)(ould compare notes. Even t)(oug)( we are on different teams!
GA: Well
GA: Not Really
CC: )(mm really?
CC: See t)(is is w)(y we s)(ould be comparing notes! 38O
GA: What Notes Would You Like To Submit For Comparison
CC: )(mmmmmm.
CC: Well I am going to join my team pretty late.
CC: I t)(ink I )(ave to!
CC: I will need to connect after my goofball moirail does so I can keep my goggles on )(is nefarious escapades.
CC: Its a toug)( job but its important! Everyone )(as an important job to do.
GA: Yeah
CC: Isnt t)(at w)(at youre doing too? Joining late to keep an eye on yours?
GA: I Dont Know For A Fact That She Is Mine
CC: )(a)(a youre not supposed to know for a FACT dummy!
CC: You just do w)(at you t)(ink is rig)(t and even if you were wrong t)(e worst t)(at )(appened was you )(elped somebody and )(elped t)(e w)(ole world too!
GA: I Know
GA: But What If I Dont Really Want Her To Be That
CC: Glub glub glub glub S)(RUG.
GA: Yeah Glub Glub Shrug Is The Right Attitude I Think
GA: Our Minds Are Already Made Up Anyway Arent They
CC: Yes probably!
CC: Your clouds tell you everyt)(ing so w)(at do you even )(ave to worry about?
GA: They Dont Tell Me Everything
GA: Just As I Am Sure She Doesnt Whisper Everything To You
CC: T)(ats true.
CC: O)( s)(ucks now Im going to get sad.
CC: S)(e will be gone soon. 38(
CC: T)(oug)( I guess it will be a relief not to )(ave to worry about keeping )(er voice down anymore!
GA: I Wonder If Any Other Kid On The Planet Has As Many Burdens In The Fire As You
GA: I Doubt It
CC: T)(ey arent burdens!
CC: Ok I guess t)(ey are )(a)(a.
CC: But I love t)(em and I wouldnt )(ave it any ot)(er way because t)(is is w)(y Im )(ere!
CC: On t)(at note I t)(ink Im going to go say goodbye to )(er. Maybe you s)(ould too w)(ile you )(ave t)(e c)(ance!
CC: Even t)(oug)( Ill see )(er again soon w)(ic)( still seems kind of strange to me.
CC: But t)(ats w)(y t)(is is all so -EXCITING!
CC: KANAYA BY----------------------------E!

cuttlefishCuller [CC] ceased trolling grimAuxiliatrix [GA]

> Kanaya: Check on lusus.