Kanaya: Answer CA.

caligulasAquarium [CA] began trolling grimAuxiliatrix [GA]

CA: kan make her talk to me do somethin
GA: Who
CA: your no good connivvin fuckin backstabbin girl crush thats wwho
GA: Overstating Our Relationship Wont Make Me Feel Very Cooperative
GA: Its Paler Red Than That Ok
CA: pshhhhhh that is a fuckin laugh and you knoww it evveryone does
CA: so help me out tell her to talk to me i think she blocked me you got to
GA: Why Do I Got To
GA: I Dont Got To And Every Time You Take My Help For Granted I Feel Like I Got To A Little Less
CA: wwhatEVVER you are so the vvillage twwo wwheel devvice wwhen it comes to auspisticing
CA: you cant let a grudge go by you wwont stick your busy stem betwwixt so get wwith the program fussyfangs
GA: If Your Slander Werent So Predictable Id Block You Too For Saying That
GA: Has It Occurred To You She May Have Blocked You Because You Are Vvery Ovverbearing
GA: I Just Said That Aloud Now In Your Silly Accent And Had A Private Moment Of Enjoyment
CA: wwho givves a shit wwhy she blocked me or about my fuckin manners come on youvve got a wway wwith her
CA: i figure if youre going to auspisticize any twwo brinesuckers wwho sneer at each other a funny wway you might as wwell make it official and be ours right
GA: Your Black Solicitation Just Seems Really Indecent
GA: What Do You Want From Her Anyway
CA: she made me somethin per a prior arrangement
CA: she wwill delivver it wwhen wwe meet in this game but i dont knoww wwhat the logistics are yet
CA: im tryin to connoiter wwith her here but shes blowwin me off again fickle dirtscrapin landhag
GA: What Is It
CA: kan stupid wwhat do you think its a fuckin gizmo to bloww up the wworld or somethin
CA: ok wwell not that obvviously
CA: but somethin thatll kill all land dwwellers wwhat else wwould i be after
GA: Can You Just For A Moment Entertain The Thoughts Of One Untouched By Megalomaniacal Derangement And Tell Me Why Id Want To Assist You With That
CA: wwell
CA: im not goin to vvery wwell kill you am i that wwould be fuckin unconscionable
CA: wwhat kind of friend wwould i be
GA: Also Speculate For A Moment That Self Preservation Might Not Be What Would Sway My Decision
CA: yeah go ahead and kiss us off but therell be blood on your hands
CA: you could either play along as our auspistice and do a little mediating like you wwere fuckin hatched to
CA: or wwatch she and me devvolvve into fuckin full fledged kismesisses the kind like you dont get once in ten thousand swweeps
CA: you knoww thats wwhat it wwould be there wwould be rainboww rivvers runnin through star systems and all nebulizin like liquid firewworks
CA: it wwill be beautiful and heartbreaking all at once
CA: you should read up on your history instead of poring through that godawwfull sunny rubbish
GA: Its Just
GA: Laborious Listening To This
GA: Im Sorry
GA: None Of It Matters
CA: yeah it does its important sorry but the fate of the race and purity of the bloodline is important excuse me for being concerned
GA: I Know
GA: But You Really Should Know By Now The World Will End Tonight Regardless
GA: Land And Sea Dwellers Alike Will All Die
GA: Because Of The Game We Are About To Play
GA: And I Agree The Fate Of The Race Is Important But Its In My Hands Now
GA: All Of Ours Really
CA: huh
CA: wwell ok
GA: Really
CA: ordinarily id call bullshit on terrible stinkin bs like that but i knoww you dont really lie about stuff
CA: unless its to yourself
CA: but thats wwhy i bother evven talking to you i wwouldnt evven be here SAYIN any of this otherwwise
CA: so did your clouds tell you that
GA: The Doomsday Scenario In Particular
GA: No Not Exactly
CA: i got clouds and they dont tell me SHIT they hide nothin but misfortune and monstrosities
CA: fuckin pain in the ass fuckin clouds
CA: so howw do you knoww then
GA: I Have Another Source
CA: ok wwell you are jacked tight the fuck into this thing in so many wways i dont knoww wwhat to say anymore
CA: wwhatevver wwe wwill just play and find out i guess
CA: so can you tell her to talk to me anywway
GA: No
CA: god dammit
CA: she and me are teammates wwevve got to havve a powwwwoww or SOMETHING
GA: You Arent Actually On The Same Team
CA: fuck
CA: fine i get it ill step off
CA: you dont wwant to be our auspistice cause you dont wwant to get locked into that sort of relation wwith her i can respect that
GA: No Thats Not It
CA: yeah it is your real feelins run pretty awwful RUDDY methinks evverybody knowws it
CA: especially that assblood karkat he and me havve you so pegged about that its upright silly
CA: but its cool its totally fine dont wworry ill leavve you alone and givve you a shot
GA: Its Unbelievable
GA: Her Patience
CA: wwhat
CA: wwhoa wwait wwho
GA: Never Mind
CA: ok wwait did she talk to you today
CA: wwhat did she say
CA: or glub or wwhatevver
GA: Something About Longing To Touch You Indiscretely
GA: And That Shes Basically In The Scarlet Throes For You
GA: As Deep In The Flushed Quadrant As One Can Be
CA: wwait
CA: did she actually say that
CA: in confidence
GA: To The Letter
CA: can you copy exactly wwhat she said
GA: Absolutely Not
CA: this is bullshit youre bee essing me in some wway awwful
CA: you dont lie but you do tease and ill tranfuse my kickass royal blood out wwith incontinent musclebeast discharge if i wwont knoww wwhen im gettin hooked
GA: Yeah
GA: Shes Just A Concerned Moirail
GA: Looking Out For You
GA: Thats All
CA: awwww fuck
CA: see im tellin you
CA: you got to play your cards right
GA: What Do You Mean
CA: if youre not savvvvy about howw you define yourself to people
CA: you can just splash into the moirail zone before you knoww wwhich wways upwward
GA: Oh
GA: Hmm
CA: kan its hard
GA: What
CA: being a kid and growwing up
CA: its hard and nobody understands

caligulasAquarium [CA] ceased trolling grimAuxiliatrix [GA]

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