Kanaya: Mediate.

AG: Hey, what's your deal!
AG: Shouldn't you 8e helping me out of this jam instead of fussing with my plum8ing????????
GA: Just Presenting A Floating Reminder That Tavros Will Need Plenty Of Inclined Surfaces For His Ascent
AG: That's silly. I made so many ramps, you wouldn't even 8elieve it.
AG: I specifically decided I wanted to 8uild something ugly and 8oring. It is now the land of ramps and yawns.
GA: Hes Reported Otherwise
AG: That lousy snitch! May8e I should take his computer away so he can't go crying to fussyfangs anymore.
GA: Maybe I Should Upend This Load Gaper Over Your Head
AG: No, don't!
GA: Im Still Learning The Interface
GA: It Could Happen Accidentally At Any Moment
AG: I'm only trying to help him. ::::(
GA: Think Of Another Way To Help
AG: Fine.
AG: I'll do something NICE.
AG: I have an idea. I will 8e right 8ack.
AG: And for the record, I was going to do this anyway! I was just trying to make him a 8etter player first.
GA: Ok
AG: In the meantime, how a8out I serve my client player the way I think is 8est, and you can do the same for yours????????
GA: Hmm
GA: I Thought I Was

> Vriska: Scurry downstairs.