TT: I'm back.
EB: hurry up and open my door!!!!!!
EB: not that it even matters, i think i'm probably dead no matter what!!!!!!
TT: Patience. You still haven't used the new totem.
EB: ???
TT: I believe it will create the item on the punch card.
EB: so what is it, like an apple or something?
EB: what good will that even do?
TT: We'll see.
TT: I've found no evidence that anyone has successfully created the item.
TT: And the content of the card appears to be variable from session to session.
TT: In one instance it was described as an "eggy loking thign" [sic].
EB: do we have enough of those building jewels to make it?
TT: According to the Atheneum, it is a free item.
TT: This speaks to its importance, in my view.
TT: Now off you go.

> Rose: Remove door from hinges.