John: Answer troll.

arachnidsGrip [AG] began trolling ectoBiologist [EB]

AG: Joooooooo
AG: oooooooo
AG: oooooooo
AG: oooooooo
AG: oooooooo
AG: oooooooo
AG: oooooooo
AG: oooooooohn!
AG: W8ke up!!!!!!!!
EB: heheh. i am pronouncing that like a really long "june".
EB: that is so many o's.
AG: It is 8ight groups of 8ight. I specifically counted them.
AG: It's sort of a thing I do.
EB: you typed my name in 64 bit.
AG: Wow. What a nerd!
EB: have i talked to you before?
AG: Um, possi8ly? This is the first time I have contacted you that I am aware of.
EB: i'm pretty sure i remember you. you hassled me a long time ago.
EB: i think you threatened to kill me at some point.
AG: John, give me a 8r8k! That was o8viously just my way of getting to know you.
AG: Or it will 8e, whenever I get around to it.
EB: well, yeah, i know that about you guys by now.
EB: but also i know that it is probably not exactly an empty threat!
EB: since one of you already managed to trick me into getting myself killed.
EB: well, in another timeline at least.
AG: Man.
AG: That was pro8a8ly Terezi! I should have known she would pull something like that. What a meddler.
EB: terezi?
AG: Yes. The pesky 8lind troll who licks her monitor and smells words and stuff. The one who got you killed. I'm sure of it!
EB: huh. it never really occurred to me to ask what your names are.
EB: kinda rude of me!
EB: what is yours?
AG: Marquise Spinneret Mindfang. ::::)
EB: man, that sounds so made up!
EB: but if you say so, marquise.
AG: Spinneret! Marquise is a title, stupid.
EB: oh, ok.
AG: And you don't have to worry a8out me manipul8ting you to your death!
AG: It is completely 8eneath me. Unlike her, I plan on taking the high road.
AG: You see John, you and I actually have some things in common, 8ut you couldn't possi8ly understand why yet.
AG: So I'm planning on helping you!
EB: ok, i will be sure to let my guard down.
EB: psyche!!!!!!!!!
EB: oh damn, that was 9 !'s.
EB: !!!!!!!1
EB: shit!
EB: never mind.
AG: Hahahahahahahaha.
EB: anyway, nice meeting you spinneret.
EB: if you don't mind, i would like to try to go back to sleep.
EB: i was dreaming about something important.
AG: You can't sleep now, John!
AG: What a8out J8de????????
EB: oh god, i forgot!
EB: poor jade... :(
EB: i hope she is alright.
AG: She's fine. I can see her right now!
AG: 8ut she will not 8e for long if you don't get her into your session.
EB: yeah, you're right.
EB: i have to hurry and go save her!
EB: see ya!
AG: Wait!!!!!!!!
AG: Where the hell do you think you're going to go? You don't even have your copy of the game yet!
EB: oh yeah...
EB: duh, stupid stupid dumb.
EB: do you know where i am supposed to get it?
AG: Easy! Just w8 around for a few minutes.
EB: hmm...
EB: ok?
AG: See, John? You need me to advance.
AG: Even though you were going to do this stuff anyway, it turns out I am the reason you were going to do it anyway in the first place!
AG: Your timeline is my we8, and suddenly you are all tangled up in it, wriggling and helpless.
AG: Isn't that cooooooool????????
EB: meh.
EB: so, you seem to like 8's a whole bunch, and i guess you are like, kind of spidery themed or something?
AG: Yeah!
EB: haha, spiders are gross!
AG: Fuck you!!!!!!!!

> John: W8 around for a few minutes.