John: Prepare for flight.

EB: jade is not answering!
EB: are you sure she's ok?
AG: She's asleep!
AG: She sure seems to sleep a lot. She sort of reminds me of my goo8er teamm8.
AG: He napped through most of the adventure, and was practically useless.
EB: oh...
EB: you mean carcino geneticist?
AG: Hahahaha, no way! Karkat is so up tight, he hardly slept a wink over the whole 600 hour span of our quest.
AG: He didn't even wake up on the moon until AFTER we won the game, hahahahahahahaha.
AG: What a loser.
EB: heheh. car cat. that is how i am saying that.
EB: beep beep, meow!
EB: i will have to remember to give him a hard time about that.
AG: John, you are pretty weird! I can see why you would piss him off so much.
EB: it is really not hard to do that.
AG: Tell me a8out it!
AG: Speaking of telling me a8out things...
AG: Why don't you tell me what you were just dreaming a8out that was so important, fellow Prospit dreamer????????
AG: Prospit is the 8est. Derse is where all the rejects hang out. Am I right?
EB: i never even saw prospit.
EB: aside from flaming bits and pieces of it i guess.
EB: something happened, and it blew up, and dream jade died, and then i was wandering around this place that was like a chess board with a huge crater in it, with loads of dead black and white guys everywhere.
AG: Yes, I know all that! That place is the 8attlefield, which is where your dream self lives now. You will appear there any time you go to sleep.
AG: Prospit dreamers are supposed to end up there eventually. If they're any good, that is. ::::)
AG: 8ut you got there so much sooner. Normally a dreamer's journey to the 8attlefield will not 8e so spectacularly sudden and violent. Meteoric, if you will!
EB: oh, huh.
AG: 8ut you didn't answer my question! What was so important that you wanted to go 8ack to sleep again for?
EB: my dad was there.
AG: What's that?
EB: um, you know...
EB: my guardian?
AG: Oh, you mean the adult male human who lived in your hive?
EB: yes. if by hive you mean house.
AG: Haha, I was wondering a8out that. I was like, what the hell is this guy doing in this kid's hive? Where is his lusus? Is he an orphan contending with some sort of meddlesome grownup squatter????????
EB: um...
EB: these observations are very alien of you.
EB: but that's pretty cool i guess, seeing as you are an alien.
AG: Yes, I just chalked it up as generic alien weirdness and didn't think too much a8out it. Just another series of strange exhi8its from an inferior civiliz8tion.
EB: the funny thing is, he is not even really my dad.
EB: i mean, i was adopted by him, although we are not actually unrelated, i think.
EB: he is the son of my grandmother, who isn't really my grandmother...
EB: nanna is sort of like my biological mother, and my biological father would be jade's grandpa, sorta.
EB: both of which i just created, with slime and stuff, and sent back in time as babies.
EB: so i guess, if anything, that makes my dad...
EB: my half brother???
AG: ::::\
EB: tell me about it!

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