EB: that is nice to know.
AG: Yes, and 8esides. Continuing on this path and 8ringing Jade into the game I think you will agree is very important!
AG: And not just 8ecause she is your friend and you would 8e kind of upset if she died.
AG: Again.
EB: yes, i think i would be.
EB: but why else?
AG: 8ecause you need to complete your prototyping chain!
AG: Only when all players have entered with a prototyped kernel does the 8attlefield assume its final form.
AG: That form prepares Skaia to grow the new universe you will cre8te.
AG: Or in this case, fail to cre8te. 8ut whatever!
AG: That is no reason to deter you from completing worthwhile game o8jectives.
EB: we are supposed to create a universe?
AG: Yeah! You didn't realize that yet?
EB: no!
AG: 8oy. How clueless can you get.
EB: why are we supposed to do that?
AG: What a stupid question! It is the point of the game. It's what happens when you win, and winning is the only point of anything.
EB: oh. that's true, i guess.
AG: Anyway, you should 8e glad it's the point. And you should 8e glad your predecessors were not such a sad sack group of players like you guys.
AG: Otherwise your universe would not exist, seeing as we cre8ted it 8y 8eing incredi8le in every way.
EB: you did?
AG: Yep. You're welcome. ::::D
EB: hmm...
EB: i don't know what to think about that.
AG: Not knowing what to think a8out things appears to 8e your specialty!
EB: hurrrrr oh man what a burn!
EB: (j/k it was actually lame.)
AG: ::::P
EB: well to be honest, i never really believed any of your guys's doom and gloom nonsense.
EB: not because i think you are lying...
EB: i just feel like there must still be a way to win!
AG: That's the spirit, John!
AG: That is a winner's attitude, and there is always hope for someone who has that.
EB: yes, i agree.
EB: also, there is always hope for someone who has good friends to count on!
AG: Pff.
AG: Laaaaaaaame.

> John: Return.