EB: oh, the goggles are cool and all, but they kind of restrict my vision stupidly when i'm using them!
EB: i should remember to make a new hands-free device, that is less obtrusive.
EB: maybe after i make a new computer so i can install this game.
AG: How will you duplic8 it? Isn't it smashed out there on your lawnring?
EB: yeah, but i can use one of my old previously punched cards.
AG: Oh, gr8.
AG: Uh........
AG: John?
EB: what?
AG: Ok, I will slide you a 8r8k 8ecause clearly your 8lock was just ransacked.
AG: 8ut may8e you want to put that away? Somewhere discreet, where you usually keep it?
AG: There is at least one girl spying on you right now, you know.
EB: put what away? what are you talking about?
AG: Your pail is showing, stupid!!!!!!!!

> ==>