EB: my pail?
EB: you mean this bucket here?
AG: Yes! Come on, will you take a hint and show some decorum????????
EB: umm...
EB: i'm really not following. what do you have against buckets?
AG: Man! Nothing, really. It's just........
AG: Ok, may8e humans don't really have any sense of shame over this sort of thing?
EB: shame over what?
EB: it's just a bucket! you know, for putting soapy water in and cleaning stuff with.
EB: why, what do trolls use them for?
AG: Oh.
AG: Haha, yeah, of course!
AG: That's what I was talking a8out. Your cleaning 8ucket.
AG: In troll culture we consider cleaning products to 8e really indecent or something!
AG: I am 8lushing furiously a8out it right now. Please try to 8e sensitive to my cultural ways and understandings.
EB: wow... uh. that is definitely pretty odd.
EB: but ok, i'm sorry you saw my bucket. i will just chuck it out the window i guess.
AG: Thank you, John. That is very gentlemanly of you.
AG: Now will you quit shitting around and get on with it!!!!!!!! God.
EB: well i was GOING to but you started babbling at me!
EB: jeez, spinneret.
AG: That isn't my real name, you dope!
EB: ok, then what is it!
AG: I ain't telling you that!
AG: It's a sekret. :::;)
EB: all eight gross spidery eyes!
EB: oops i mean !x8.
AG: You don't even need to say that. I can see you rolling your eyes, remem8er?
EB: oh yeah.

> John: Discard sordid receptacle.