Kanaya: Troll the John human.

grimAuxiliatrix [GA] began trolling ghostyTrickster [GT]

GA: Hello
GT: hi...?
GA: Allow Me To Make This Simple
GA: I Am A Troll From Another Universe Using A Chat Client Utility Which Is Capable Of Contacting You And Your Friends At Any Point Of Your Lives Which I Choose Up To And Including The Moment Of Your Own Incompetence Fueled Self Destruction
GA: Im Looking For Evidence Of Intelligence In Your Species
GA: A Reason
GA: Any Reason At All Really
GA: To Justify Wasting The Few Precious Remaining Moments Of My Life On You
GA: It Has Fallen On Your Shoulders To Supply Me With That Reason John Human
GA: Go
GT: ha ha, what?
GA: What Indeed
GA: I Was Just Leaving
GT: so you're a time traveler?
GA: No
GA: We Dont Actually Travel Through
GA: Uh
GA: Well
GA: Not All Of Us Do
GA: One Of Us Does Though
GA: Thats Not What We Are Talking About Here And Is Aside From The Point
GT: so let me see if i have this straight...
GT: you are a time traveling space alien from the future, sent here to study humans?
GA: No
GT: are you from mars? is it a mission of peace?
GA: No John You Werent Listening
GT: what does your time machine look like? a phone booth? phone booths are a popular thing for some reason.
GA: Damn It
GT: were you lured to earth by a huge gyroscopey thing that jodie foster piloted in contact, while matthew mcconaughey sort of acted as her spiritual guide i guess...
GA: What The Hell
GT: and then he kind of preached to her about having faith instead of believing in the sciences so hard all the time, and i guess in the end she believed him, maybe?
GT: actually, im not even sure what the point of mcconaughey was in that movie. but he was still awesome.
GT: and then jodie found her dad on an alien planet... but i think he was a ghost or something? or maybe an alien in disguise.
GT: and then she went home and nobody believed her, but you just KNOW mcconaughey believed her.
GT: because he had all the faith. and i mean ALL OF IT.
GT: anyway, does that have any applicability to your cosmic interstellar astrojourney?
GA: Okay Youre Even Dumber Than The Rose Human Thats Incredible Really
GT: pff, i know i'm dumber than rose, that is not much of a burn, dude!
GA: Im A Girl Not A Boy
GT: oh, sorry.
GT: i don't know why i thought you were.
GA: It Happens
GT: were you trolling rose too?
GA: Yes As A Matter Of Fact
GT: oh boy, let me go put on my quantum space hat, and extra terrestrial adventure boots, and you can tell me all about it.
GA: If You Werent So Stupid Id Suspect You Were Being Insincere For The Benefit Of Your Amusement
GT: ha ha ha. i don't follow!
GA: I Just Spoke To Her In The Future
GA: Shes An Imbecile And Conveying How Much I Dislike Her At This Point Presents An Overwhelming Gauntlet Of Personal Expression
GA: But Regardless She Said To Paste Something From Our Conversation
GA: To Get You To Understand Whats Going On
GA: I Have Strong Doubts It Will Be Effective But Here Goes
GA: GA: I Should Figure Out How The Viewport Feature Of This Application Works
GA: GA: So I Can See What Such A Primitive Creature Looks Like
GA: TT: haha, well i know what you guys look like.
GA: TT: you look kind of like...
GA: TT: howie mandel from little monsters.
GA: TT: even though, to be perfectly frank, he was kind of a big monster.
GA: TT: because he was a big goofy adult.
GA: TT: and fred savage was like his child prankster sidekick.
GA: GA: Is This An Adversary You Have Encountered On Your Quest
GA: TT: no, it's a movie.
GA: TT: you should ask john about it, because he thinks it's awesome, which it is.
GT: hahaha! oh man, you blew it!
GT: now i know for sure you're trolling me. rose hates that movie.
GA: Are You Suggesting
GA: I Was Being Trolled
GA: That It Was A Charade Meant To Make Me Look Foolish
GT: possibly! i know that sure didn't sound like her.
GT: but i think it's more likely that you made it all up cause you know i like that movie.
GT: so i tip my cap to you, well played miss troll!
GA: Now Im Wondering If You Might Be Trolling Me As Well
GT: ok well, just between you and me...
GT: SOMEONE here is getting trolled.
GT: and it just might be all three of us.
GA: Okay
GT: but you shoulda told me you liked little monsters!
GT: we could jam about that. what was your favorite part?
GA: Suspicions Pitching Once Again Toward The Conclusion That You Are Just Very Stupid
GT: i really want to get a little monsters poster, but they're hard to find!
GT: i asked my dad for one for christmas. fingers crossed!
GA: Im Guessing Thats The Human Equivalent Of 12th Perigees Eve
GA: Will Your Adult Human Custodian Forage For Leavings As Ours Do
GT: yup, that sure keeps sounding alien of you.
GT: keep up the good work!
GT: listen, i'm kind of busy, i have to wrap this present and mail it in a hurry.
GT: so i'm going to block you!
GT: but i might unblock you again soon, because you're kinda cool.
GA: Your Blocks Mean Nothing But Dont Worry You Wont Hear From Me Again
GT: yeah well...
GT: you might just hear from me!
GT: also, you should give rose another chance.
GT: she is really great! whatever she did, she was probably just pulling her mind games on you, it's all in fun.
GT: there is more to her than that, you'll see.
GT: bye!

ghostyTrickster [GT] blocked grimAuxiliatrix [GA]

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