John: Reunite with loving fatherly comedian themed laptop.

arachnidsGrip [AG] began trolling ectoBiologist [EB]

AG: What.
AG: The hell........
AG: Are you doing!!!!!!!!
EB: oh hey.
AG: John, stop kissing that adult 8rown male human computer at once.
EB: but...
EB: it is bill cosby.
EB: he's back.
EB: in laptop form.
AG: Man. It is just another waste of time.
AG: Everything you do is a huge waste.
AG: A stupid pointless 8unch of w8stey w8stey w8stes.
EB: excuse me, but spending just a little quality time with my man bill here is not a w8stey w8ste at all.
EB: no amount of 8's in words will make that true.
AG: You have important things to do!
AG: Remem8er Jade????????
EB: of course i do! jeez!
EB: ok, i'm going.

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