TT: Yes.
GA: Are These Tactics Really Necessary
TT: It's faster this way.
TT: If there's one thing you and your friends regularly remind us, it's that time is not on our side.
GA: I Know
GA: But I Thought Our Methods Earlier Were Effective
GA: In Illuminating The Underpinnings Of The Game
GA: You Ask Some Questions
GA: And I Answer
GA: If I Can
TT: Yes, that has been effective.
TT: But you don't know everything, do you?
GA: No
TT: My current strategy is comprehensive.
TT: Your notes have been helpful, but the facts you've supplied are being cross-referenced with understandings I already have, and data gathered by the sort of means presently on display.
TT: I still have more questions for you, which I will ask in time.
GA: Okay
GA: But These Means Presently On Display
GA: Are Making Me A Little Nervous
GA: I Think Its Kind Of A Reckless Use Of
TT: Of what?
GA: These Forces
TT: Dark magic, you mean?
GA: Yes
GA: Well
GA: Influence By The Gods From The Furthest Ring
GA: The Communion You Seem To Have Developed With Them I Find Kind Of Troubling
TT: I don't think they are as nefarious as you might imagine.
TT: Many of them seem to be intent on helping us.
GA: How Exactly Do You Know That
TT: From their whispers in my dreams.
GA: How Much Time Have You Really Spent Sleeping
GA: Since You Began Playing
TT: Not much.
TT: But quite a lot in a failed timeline.
TT: And now and then, memories surface from that alternate reality.
TT: Vague memories, but unmistakable in familiarity, like spontaneously remembering a dream from years ago by some inexplicable catalyst.
TT: In that reality, they spoke to me in my sleep and told me much of what I needed to know.
TT: Including what to do to reset our timeline and create the present reality.
GA: That Makes Me No Less Nervous
GA: Our Understanding Is That Influence From Doomed Timelines
GA: Though Seemingly Necessary To Advance In The Alpha Reality
GA: Is Generally Inauspicious
GA: Travelers From Such Branches Are Marked For Death
GA: And Though It Was Only An Insubstantial Part Of You Which Traveled
GA: Just Memories I Suppose
GA: Its Still Troubling
TT: I have assurances I'm on the right track.
TT: Surely you must have spoken to the gods by now.
TT: What did they tell you to make you so suspicious?
GA: Actually
GA: I Havent
GA: I Have Never Visited Derse Or Traveled Beyond The Veil
GA: Prospits Moon Was My Home
GA: For Most Of My Dreaming Life
TT: It was?
GA: Yes
TT: This surprises me.
GA: Why
TT: ...
TT: Good question.
GA: Skaia Was Always The Foil For My Curiosity
GA: But It Only Showed Me What I Needed To See
GA: It Very Much Had The Presence Of Something Sentient
GA: And
GA: Benevolent
GA: But Silent
GA: Not Something To Converse With Or Be Instructed By
GA: Or Anything With An Agenda Beyond Which It Knows To Be Manifest Already
GA: Like A Very Clear Mirror
GA: That Has Everything There Is To See Inside It
GA: But Only Some Things Are Visible At Any Given Moment
GA: I Always Trusted It
GA: And I Dont Trust Gods That Would Eschew Its Light
TT: You didn't actually answer my question.
TT: When was it exactly that you read my walkthrough?

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