TT: The outcome will happen one way or another.
TT: Whether you have something to do with it or not.
TT: You might as well ask me.
TT: At least when it happens, you'll understand what it is that's happening.
TT: And just maybe, if we're really lucky, so will I.
GA: Um
TT: I have a question for you too.
TT: Let's swap ignorance, ok?
GA: Alright
GA: I Cant See You In The Future
GA: The Viewport Wont Let Me After A Certain Point
GA: Its Black
GA: But Only For You
GA: Not The Others
TT: When?
GA: Several Hours From Now
GA: Do You Know Why This Could Be
TT: I have no idea.
TT: I can't see the future.
TT: I'm a disreputable Derse Dreamer, remember?
TT: But I promise that if I have a hand in it, it won't be because you told me.
TT: Does that make you feel better?
GA: Sort Of
GA: But It Remains Ominous
TT: Is that why you want to dissuade me from my admittedly zealous investigation to go play dress-up again?
TT: Because our time here is almost up?
TT: And you hope what's on the other side of the dark curtain for me is not some sort of corruption or damnation?
GA: Also Sort Of
TT: That's thoughtful of you.
TT: To strive to pacify me as I scuffle down this black corridor.
GA: Wait
GA: Is That What Im Doing
TT: Is it?
GA: On Second Thought
GA: Thats Not What I Want To Do
TT: Oh.
TT: That's a pity.
TT: Who will make sure my soul isn't forfeit in service of gods then?
GA: Well
GA: I Hope That Doesnt Happen
GA: But Id Rather Not Get Stuck In That Kind Of Pattern Again
GA: So If You Want To Wreck Turtle Villages And Tear Your Planet Apart On The Counsel Of Dark Gods
GA: Fine With Me I Guess
TT: What do you mean, "again?"
GA: Ur
GA: Ill Do The Thing You Do When You Dont Say Anything
GA: "..."
TT: One simple word can so easily begin a story in a very thick book.
TT: But I guess we won't open this one?
GA: What Was Your Question
GA: I Believe Youre Owed Some Compensatory Ignorance
TT: Yes.
TT: I was wondering.

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