John: Hurry up!

EB: so, uh...
EB: red sneakers, some jeans, a tee shirt, and another shirt...
EB: this is the fabulous outfit you had in mind?
AG: Yes! Isn't it awesome?
EB: it's pretty cool and all...
EB: i was just picturing something...
EB: more elaborate? like maybe more adventurey.
AG: Fuck that.
AG: This is a really hot look for you, John. It makes you look a million times more cool, instead of some kind of overa8sconding daggerlance fl8ling pansy.
EB: what?
AG: Now move your ass!
AG: Go go go go go go go go!!!!!!!!
EB: ok, jeeeeeeeez.

> John: Blast off.