[S] Past Karkat: Wake Up.

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VRISKA: Hey, what's your deal?


VRISKA: I'm talking to you!

KANAYA: What Do You Want

VRISKA: Nothing really! It's just you haven't said one word to me since we got here.

VRISKA: In fact, we've hardly spoken in weeks! Not since you gave me that nice dress.

KANAYA: Oh Sorry I Hadnt Really Noticed

VRISKA: That was gr8, remem8er that? What happened to all that? You used to meddle and 8ug and fuss over me all the time. It was annoying, 8ut kinda fun!

KANAYA: Do You Want Me To

VRISKA: I don't know. It would 8e cool if we could catch up some time though.

KANAYA: Whats There Really To Catch Up On

VRISKA: Whatever! Stuff. Anything!

VRISKA: You are really strange, fussyfangs. I don't get you anymore.


VRISKA: That was some pretty sweet chainsaw work earlier. Pretty 8rutal, really! Didn't think you had it in you.

VRISKA: Hey, you weren't settling a score with him there 8y any chance?


VRISKA: I've got a pretty keen nose for revenge. Could it 8e that you had a thing for him and were upset when he went for me instead? Hmmmmmmmm?

KANAYA: Did He Really "Go" For You

KANAYA: Thats Not How I Remember It

VRISKA: Yes, I think I must 8e on to something here! Anyway if that's the case, sorry a8out the 8ad 8r8k!

KANAYA: Could You Leave Me Alone

VRISKA: Hey, which one are you spying on there? Someone new to meddle with?

KANAYA: I Said Leave

VRISKA: Fiiiiiiiine, god.

> John: Connect to Jade.