Rose: Answer Eridan.

-- caligulasAquarium [CA] began trolling tentacleTherapist [TT] --

CA: wwho are you tryin to convvince wwith this ludicrous poppycock
TT: ?
CA: magic is NOT REAL
CA: wwhatevver youre doin its not real its somethin else outright entirely
CA: its fancy and impressivve and all but its not the fuckin figmental storybook claptrap you wwanna make out like it is
CA: so howw about you get off your high skyhorse
TT: Why do you keep addressing me as if I'm some sort of spokesperson for the reality of magic?
TT: You can't needle me into a defensive posture on the subject. I just don't care.
CA: youre not usin magic just DEAL WW IT
TT: Fine. You win.
TT: These are science wands. I am a charlatan.
CA: ok i didnt say that
CA: i think you wwear the role pretty wwell wwhich is somethin i can appreciate
CA: theres a lot of showwmanship thats put in to comin off as a diabolical sort
TT: Thanks for the insinuation that I'm making an effort to project myself as a cartoon villain. What a compliment!
CA: wwell fine you dont havve to behavve vvillainous if youre bent up on actin against the grain a your nobility or somesuch
CA: i can play that role its not like i evver didnt get my gils dirty before
TT: Nobility? What are you talking about?
CA: wwell arent you
TT: No. What gave you that idea?
CA: the wway you
CA: ok
CA: i had a misconclusion about that so my fault
CA: obvviously you got rich blood so maybe when you crash landed you wwerent recognized for it by wwhatevver vvehicle upholds the class structure in human society
TT: That is exactly what happened. You figured it out.
CA: must of been fuckin brutal raisin up a commonblood wwhen you knew you wwere better than evverybody and its probably got you all messed up inside but maybe theres hope for you
CA: see i got a lot a experience bein nobility so ill let you knoww if you got a shot in hell at cuttin it pinkscarf
TT: ...
CA: fakemage pinkscarf howw does that sound
TT: You're a complete idiot.
CA: see this is good i think this could be a good thing
TT: What?
CA: this thing wwe got goin
CA: you obvviously hate me and i think i got it in me to get the dark propensities smolderin
CA: and wwere both obvviously dangerous elites in nature
CA: i think theres somethin there i mean look at howw you evven came into the wworld
TT: And how was that?
CA: killed a fuckin fuck ton of marine life accidental
CA: doin thats all i evver done practically the ocean wwas my killin cauldron
TT: Accidentally?
TT: Or on porpoise?
CA: hahahahaha see youre good wwith fish puns too i got so many a those you havve no idea
CA: i just think theres a fate thing here
CA: i mean i dont mean to strike you as too forwwardsuch but are you seein wwhere im goin wwith this
TT: Oh, right. Alien romance, I forgot.
TT: Pass.
CA: look i understand you dont understand that kind of thing in your culture i get that
CA: but maybe i could teach you to get it
TT: That's really sweet of you to offer.
CA: yeah and in return maybe you could teach me howw to bullshit magic like that
TT: You want to learn magic?
CA: yes teach me your secrets wwitch
TT: Sure. Let's begin.
TT: Consider this your first lesson in showmanship.

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