Dave: Answer Equius.

-- centaursTesticle [CT] began trolling turntechGodhead [TG] --

CT: D --> I'm attempting to determine what it is that ranks humans in their class stru%ure
CT: D --> I'd assumed the color of your b100d would serve as the basis for placement in the hierarchy, as would be e%pected and natural, but I was mistaken
CT: D --> I was similarly in error believing the color of what you type corresponds with the color of your b100d
TG: it does bro
TG: my bloods red
CT: D --> Well, obviously
CT: D --> I understand that now, I'm not a f001
TG: on earth class is sorted out by who can drop the most delirious flow
CT: D --> I see
CT: D --> So, in other words, a sort of b100d letting ritual
CT: D --> To assess whose pulse is steadiest and thus whose flow is the most STRONG
TG: no
TG: well yeah
TG: verbal pulse
TG: rap battles
TG: the kings of wordtech ascend to godhood and look down on us patriarchally like urban watermarks in the sky
TG: this is like
TG: our religion man
TG: its fucking serious business its like what our whole culture revolves around
CT: D --> Really
CT: D --> So your social e%elons are dictated by the noble artform of the ancient slam poets
CT: D --> Or the Earth equivalent
TG: yeah well
TG: used to be dictated
TG: til the rapocalypse happened
TG: i still believe though
TG: in my heart so long as it keeps thumping the righteous beat
TG: subwoofing out devotion every which way
TG: that he will come
TG: our savior
TG: was foretold hed come after meteors show up to drop it like its hot
TG: and hed gather up the ashes of our civilization and lift it like its heavy
TG: fuck im tearing up my ishades are gonna fry
CT: D --> I believe
CT: D --> That this is probably nonsense
CT: D --> I've already been hornswoggled repeatedly by your comrades, who I quite reasonably mistook for your superiors in b100dline
CT: D --> Your race makes a habit of deception, and I will not tolerate it
CT: D --> You will stop
CT: D --> I command that all verbal misdire%ion and hoofbeastplay will cease during my communications, is that understood
TG: hahahahaha
TG: douche
CT: D --> Did I say something entertaining
TG: if youre gonna spit that kind of bravado at me im just saying put it in rhyme
TG: lets hear what you got tooly mcsnoothole
CT: D --> I try to stay engaged with many aristocratic practices
CT: D --> But I'm not much of a poet
TG: come on
CT: D --> My poems are private
TG: whatever dude
TG: deprivatize them
CT: D --> If you're prepared to be particularly forceful about it
CT: D --> I may be suitably disgusted to comply
TG: just
TG: take whatevers in there
TG: that brorage lust youre feelin
TG: turn that bitch inside out like a broke ass millionaires pockets
CT: D --> Yes
CT: D --> Those are the sorts of assertive statements which could get me
CT: D --> Flowing
TG: alright
TG: weird but alright
TG: you sound wound up
TG: but my gears are airtight
TG: steer clear a the seer and the knight if youre scared of unfair fights
TG: youll drop like the staircase impaired, seein em spareds a fair fuckin rare sight
TG: for poor eyes like that millionaire whos pockets i mocked earlier
TG: hes paradoxically me but richer and surlier
TG: broke as his sword before his stock picks skyrocketed
TG: worth more than all the chests lockpicked and gold croc bricks and boonbucks i pickpocketed
TG: fillin folios with millions im milkin to pad out my pockets
TG: more chock full than sad trollian villains cloggin my blocklist
TG: so thoughtful to popul-
TG: -ate my slate with propositions to copulate to a spate of hemoerotic hotpix
TG: which i posit you got shit of that nature in spades
TG: as my shades got you locked in
TG: spyin a guy whos eyed more cocks and dicks than i got clocks and they got ticks
CT: D --> Just a thought. Let's mock a topic with less awfulness
CT: D --> If you'd use the e%cuse to be less culturally myopic, what are your views on abuse to the walking apocrypha
CT: D --> Would you choose if duly cued to put your bruising clop to a flock of naughty roboti%
TG: ahaha wow YES
TG: dont really understand that but yes
TG: ok hold that thought im gonna pull this fuckin sword out of the thing

> Dave: Pull sword out of thing.