CT: D --> Giving up on the treasure so easily
CT: D --> It strikes me as an artifact rooted in universal lore of nobility
CT: D --> As valuable an asset as strength is
CT: D --> And as much as anyone with his wits is fond of being STRONG
CT: D --> Such weapons require finesse to operate
CT: D --> And surely in this case, to retrieve without damaging
CT: D --> Hence your no doubt frustrating restraint
TG: ok im kinda starting to wonder why youre bugging me now
TG: youre a fuckin creepy dude
CT: D --> E%cessive force will shatter such weapons
CT: D --> We both know this from e%perience
TG: what
CT: D --> The adult human who trained you
CT: D --> And taught you the ways of being STRONG
CT: D --> Remember
TG: you mean the guy who spent years beating my ass down with a puppet
TG: yeah i remember
CT: D --> Yes, and now, being learned in the ways of STRONGNESS
CT: D --> You like myself are unfortunately limited in the weaponry you may wield
CT: D --> Ironically the training which has ennobled you beyond others has made instruments of high b100d brittle in your hands
CT: D --> Hence the state of your favored weapon, hobbling your specibus
CT: D --> I know what this is like
TG: man
TG: im not that strong ok
TG: just cause i broke a cheap ass sword doesnt make me the fucking hulk
CT: D --> Oh
TG: what did you go around breaking a bunch of swords too
CT: D --> No
CT: D --> Bows
TG: how the fuck do you even wield a broken bow
TG: did you go around clubbing shit with the two halves
CT: D --> Yes
CT: D --> Sometimes

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