Rose: Remove cruxtruder from doorway.

EB: aw man, where'd it go?
TT: I can't find it anywhere in the house.
TT: No time to worry about it.
TT: The next thing we should do is get your server copy of the game from the car.
TT: You need to connect to my client, so I can repeat your steps and presumably join you, wherever you are.
TT: We should do this quickly, before my house burns down.
EB: what, there's a fire??
TT: There will be soon.
EB: oh jeez!
EB: so move this thing already!
TT: It looks like it requires a lot of grist to move.
TT: I don't have enough to relocate the door, either.
EB: how much do you have?
TT: Zero.
EB: oh.
EB: hmm.
EB: i thought about jumping to the car from the ledge earlier but that sounds really dangerous!
TT: I have a better idea.
TT: Meet me upstairs.