Jade: Answer.

cuttlefishCuller [CC] began trolling gardenGnostic [GG]

CC: Glub glub. 38)
GG: what!!!!!
CC: S-E-E??
GG: see what!
GG: go away
CC: I told you!
CC: T)(ere is not)(ing to worry about at all.
GG: bluhhh what are you talking about....
GG: my head hurts
GG: just stop it, stop trolling me
GG: i hate you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CC: )(oly mackerel, looks like SOM-EON-E woke up on t)(e wrong side of t)(e absurd )(uman bed!
CC: C)(ill out, Jade. I am just following up on w)(at I told you earlier.
GG: about what!
GG: i dont remember talking to you at all
CC: About your dream! Your post-dreamdeat)( dreamself's dream.
CC: Errr. W)(ic)( is a term I just made up now. 38|
GG: my dream was horrible!!!
GG: i dont know what that was, i have never dreamed anything like it
CC: Yes, I imagine not! You )(ave spent your w)(ole life dreaming about prospit, no?
GG: oh god....
GG: prospit :(
GG: is it really gone?
CC: Yes, Jade. It is time to face t)(e facts!
CC: Our moons are gone too. If we wis)( to sleep now, our dreams must take place in t)(e bubbles glubbed by t)(e gods w)(o live in t)(e Furt)(est Ring.
CC: It is t)(e infinite space w)(ic)( divides all sessions, completely unnavigable and unfat)(omable, untouc)(ed by t)(e time or space of any universe in existence.
CC: Its lords are our slumberbuddies now. 38)
GG: uuuuuuuuugh D:
CC: Don't be ridiculous. T)(ey are not as dreadful as t)(ey look.
CC: In fact, t)(ey are quite )(elpful if you know )(ow to talk to t)(em!
CC: Don't you remember our dream? I was trying to s)(ow you t)(at t)(ere is not)(ing to fear.
CC: But t)(en... you kind of freaked out! )(umans are so M-ELODRAMATIC.
GG: oh......
GG: that was you?
CC: )(ELL YEA)(! 38D
GG: argh
GG: sorry but
GG: could you please
GG: not use all those stupid parentheses??????
GG: i can hardly read what you type and its giving me a migraine
CC: GLUUUUB oh fine.
CC: I will suspend my neato quirk just for you.
CC: I hereby renounce the royal mark of sea dweller supremacy in the interest of INT-ERSP-ECI-ES DIPLOMACY.
GG: what about the -E thing, can you stop that too? it is also annoying and stupid
CC: Look! It is like a cool trident I throw sometimes.
CC: oooooo ---------------E
CC: How is that not awesome!
GG: meh :\
CC: Okay, you win. I have officially humbled myself before you. Entirely glubbing peasant-IFICATED for your pleasure.
CC: Shall I clip my fins for you as well, your majesty?
GG: hehehe
GG: ok, sorry for sounding bossy
GG: you seem pretty nice, and you sure do look exotic
GG: i kind of always thought you were all like
GG: a bunch of really obnoxious humans
CC: Well, thank you! On both counts, of being likened to something other than an obnoxious human, as well as on my exotic looks.
CC: For the record, you look pretty awesomely weird too.
CC: I introduced myself before, but since you do not remember, I will do so now. My name is Feferi, and I was going to be the Empress, but now I am not!
GG: hey feferi, i would like to remember......
GG: but everything is so foggy right now
GG: i remember prospit being attacked
GG: and
GG: falling.....
GG: aaaand
GG: i dunno :(
GG: do you know what happened?
CC: Hell if I know!
CC: In your pre-death dream at least. Oh, well you died obviously, so there's that.
GG: fffffff
GG: yeah, i gathered that! XC
CC: All I could see was what happened in your hive.
CC: You were asleep, and then your robot exploded.
CC: And then your lusus saved you! Kind of like mine saved me.
CC: Before she died. 38C
GG: ohhhhhhh!!!!!
GG: i do remember you!
GG: i remember you were talking to me about my lusus, and i had no idea what you were talking about
GG: and still sort of dont :\
GG: but you must mean bec
GG: also it was shortly before your friend sent me a weird message
GG: about how my robot was going to explode, and i should talk to him when it happens
GG: this was months ago
CC: Oh? Who was that?
GG: it was the most awful and angry one
GG: i am so sick of him, i really dont want to talk to that pathetic jerk ever
CC: Ah, Karkat. Of course.
GG: thats his name?
CC: Yes, he's our leader. Why did he want you to talk to him?
GG: hmmmm
GG: thats right, it was about some kind of plan...
GG: which he said me from the future told him about?
GG: i thought it was total nonsense at the time
GG: but
GG: i guess he was telling the truth
GG: so maybe i should talk to him? i dont know
CC: Glubshrug.
CC: He's pretty harmless, really. You get used to his yelling.
CC: I do not even process it as yelling anymore. More like a lot of blubbering.
CC: More blubber spills out of that mouth than a gash in a poached whale.
GG: ewwwww
CC: Gluuuuuub, I just made myself hungry. 380~
GG: ewwwwwwwwwwww!
GG: fish aliens are weird
CC: Hey! We're the aristocracy. We've got a duty to be weird.
CC: Anyway, go talk to your shoutfriend I guess.
GG: ok feferi, it was nice talking to you
CC: And hey, if you want to take another nap sometime, let me know! They will be more than happy to glub us up another bubble.
GG: i am never going to sleep again!
GG: never never never never never never
CC: Why, if I'm not mistaken, you are looking a little drowsy right now. We may meet again sooner than you think. 38D
GG: yes, im so tired
GG: :(
GG: well, ok
GG: bye

gardenGnostic [GG] ceased being trolled by cuttlefishCuller [CC]

> Jade: Pester Karkat.