Jade: Go inside.

-- gardenGnostic [GG] began pestering ectoBiologist [EB] --

GG: john are you there???
EB: whoa, hey!
EB: you're awake!
GG: yes!
GG: im so relieved to talk to you and hear youre ok
GG: i mean.......
GG: are you ok john? your dream self i mean
EB: oh, yeah.
EB: i am pretty sure that i...
EB: he?
EB: am/is fine.
EB: i woke up on the battlefield which was on fire, and had flaming bits of prospit everywhere.
GG: :(
GG: yes, but that was not prospit. that was its moon which was severed by the crazy derse agent
EB: oh, you mean jack?
GG: i dunno!
EB: that is his name, karkat told me.
EB: i saw him there too.
EB: oh!!!!!
EB: i also got your present, and it saved my life!
GG: really?? :D
EB: yes, the bunny was so awesome, it was definitely the best bunny i got today.
EB: thank you so much, jade!
GG: <3
EB: when jack saw it, he flew the hell away. and then the bunny and i went on an adventure together.
EB: does the bunny have a name? i asked him but i don't think he can talk.
GG: i dont know! i did not give him one after applying the upgrades
GG: i gave her a girls name when i was very young, but now she is a different bunny, and also a boy i guess?
GG: its up to you john, he is your bunny
EB: oh, i did not even think of that.
EB: well if she grew up as a girl, then it's not right for me to suddenly make her a boy.
EB: hmm...
EB: you have no idea how tempted i am to name her casey again.
GG: hahahaha
GG: again?
EB: yes, i named a young salamander casey earlier, but then i left her at rose's house.
GG: you were at roses house??
EB: yes, but she was asleep.
EB: also, apparently i am supposed to marry rose. karkat said so.
GG: what!!!!
EB: it is true, it is a fact from an alien.
GG: ugh he is so weird
GG: you shouldnt listen to him!
EB: heheh, i did not take him that seriously.
EB: but karkat is cool, he is angry and funny.
GG: D:
GG: he is angry and a huge pain in the ass
GG: have you ever talked to two of him at once????
EB: haha, no!
GG: dont ever do it! you will get a headache
EB: that sounds kind of awesome.
GG: noooooooo, think again
EB: i've got it.
EB: i will name her liv tyler.
GG: ????
EB: the bunny.
GG: :|
GG: you mean from armageddon?
EB: yeah!
GG: john that is so stupid
GG: but also kind of cute i guess
GG: ok then the bunny will be named after your silly movie star fantasy crush
EB: it's too bad i can't marry liv instead of rose.
EB: the girl i mean, not the bunny.
EB: but i guess she is probably dead now, along with all the other glamorous movie stars who come out to shine on the silver screen.
EB: that's pretty sad.
GG: yeah......
GG: that reminds me john
GG: have you looked in the lab yet?
EB: the lab?
GG: the big room in the sphere at the top of the tower
EB: oh, no. why?
GG: could you do me a favor and not look in there?
EB: ok. why, is there a secret in there?
GG: its nothing that secret or personal or anything....
GG: it is just something kind of sad and weird for you to see
EB: what is it?
GG: it is my dead dream self
GG: it has been there for years, i always knew i would die but i did not realize it would go like this....
EB: oh...
EB: errr...
GG: what?
EB: i have sort of already seen... that.
EB: not in the lab, but on the battlefield.
GG: oh no!!!!!
GG: im sorry john :(
EB: it's ok.
EB: i was so confused and sad when i saw you lying there...
EB: i'd rather not talk about it i guess.
GG: i understand
EB: but, i wonder...
EB: if your dream self died...
EB: then what were you just dreaming about now?
GG: ummmmmmm
GG: i think i would rather not talk about that either
EB: ok, that's cool.
EB: oh, also...
EB: i found your ring.
GG: you did????
EB: yes...
EB: but then i woke up, and didn't have it anymore.
EB: so i am not sure where it is now.
GG: oh nooooooo
GG: john that ring is really important, it belongs to the white queen!
EB: oh, whoa.
GG: when you go to sleep again, you should try to find it and keep it safe!
EB: ok, i will do that.
EB: hey jade, we have a lot to catch up on, but how about later?
EB: we have to hurry, remember there is a big meteor heading for you right now?
GG: yes i have seen it, it is so huge ._.
GG: how much time do you suppose we have?
EB: i will find out now!

> ==>