EB: ok, we have 10 minutes and 25 seconds.
GG: hmmmm i wonder what the significance of that number is
EB: why would it be significant?
EB: numbers don't always need to have significance!
GG: but they usually do!
EB: ok, well the number is now less than it was, and therefore less significant.
EB: and by less, i mean more! you had better hurry upstairs and make your special item.
GG: yes, youre right
EB: hey, what do you think we should prototype this fussy little orb with?
EB: heheheh, it seems like so long ago that rose fed mine a clown.
EB: we were just messing around, we didn't even know what we were doing.
GG: i dont know...
GG: there are so many possibilities
EB: yeah...
EB: it's almost like your grandpa put all this crap here knowing we'd have to make that decision.
GG: hmmmmmm!
GG: yes, it sure seems that way
EB: he seems like he was an awesome guy, i would have liked to have the chance to talk to him.
GG: well
GG: maybe you will get that chance john
EB: oh?
GG: yes, as a matter of fact i am sure we will both get that chance!
GG: i once dreamt that we would
EB: huh...
EB: wait, are you saying we will prototype him?
EB: like i did with nanna, to bring her ghost back to life?
EB: as...
EB: another ghost?
GG: sure, why not!
EB: i guess that makes a lot of sense, actually.
GG: that is what i believe this game is for in part
GG: you got to bring back your nanna, rose brought back her cat, i can bring back grandpa, and dave...
GG: dave got to bring back a dead bird because of course he is too cool to have any dead family members
EB: yeah, also he brought back himself from the future.
EB: who... wasn't dead, but was going to die maybe? i dunno.
EB: specifically to save my life, as well as yours, i think.
GG: wait, he did????
EB: yes.
GG: that is
GG: soooo cooooool :O
EB: it's pretty neat, i guess.
GG: i almost completely forgot i was his server player!!!!!
GG: i hope hes not in trouble, i should check on him
GG: we probably have so much to catch up on
EB: i just messaged him, he is not answering.
GG: i dont see him in his house either :(
EB: ehhh, he's fine, he has been doing a lot of time traveling.
EB: i talked to him from the future, so he must be ok now to make it that far.
GG: oh, ok...
GG: jeez, i feel so out of the loop :(
EB: yes, that is why we need to get you in the loop!
EB: the loop being the game. hurry upstairs! your transporty pad thingies take you straight up, right?
GG: yes! ok here i go
EB: oh, wait!!!
GG: what!
EB: what do we do about prototyping?
EB: we shouldn't put your grandpa in yet, unless we want lots of imps and ogres and stuff that look like your grandpa.
GG: augh, nooooooooooooooo
EB: we could put in something really lame, to make all the monsters weaker!
EB: or at the very least, more ridiculous looking.
EB: like one of these weird pictures of blue ladies lying around.
EB: what's the deal with those, anyway?
GG: oh god, dont get me started :|
GG: he was a strange and silly man
EB: i guess we could just put nothing in and see what happens.
GG: hmmmmmmm, perhaps
GG: is that allowed?
EB: i don't see why not.
EB: maybe i will ask rose, because she suddenly understands everything for some reason.
GG: yes, thats a good idea
EB: we have ten minutes to think about it.
EB: whoops! i mean a lot less than ten minutes!
EB: hurry upstairs, go go go!!!

> ==>