Jade: Proceed to stairwell.

EB: what is this thing, anyway??
EB: and why is it blocking your transporter?
GG: it is some sort of terrible creature my grandpa hunted
GG: he called it the typheus minion
GG: i always hated it!
EB: typheus?
EB: like the web browser?
GG: i guess so
GG: it is probably a coincidence though
EB: hmm, i don't know...
EB: if you think numbers always mean something, why wouldn't browser names?
GG: yeah maybe.....
GG: i guess it would make sense for someone to name a really awful web browser after such a hideous monster
EB: wow, you sure do hate that thing!
GG: well sorry, i just found it sort of a weird and creepy thing to grow up with!
EB: i think it is pretty cool.
EB: and he is actually sort of cute to be honest, :p
GG: :p!!!!!!
EB: oh, and screw you, typheus is an awesome browser!
EB: it is old school.
GG: joooohhhhhn, it is so crappy
EB: typheus is the best and that's really all there is to say on the matter.
GG: now is obviously not the best time to have the argument about whose browser is better....
GG: but really john you should upgrade to echidna, its so much nicer
GG: after you upgrade your clunky old computer of course :P
GG: maybe when i am in the game, i can give you one of mine!
EB: oh please.
EB: i will have you know, miss fancy computer dork...
EB: that i DID upgrade my computer.
GG: oh???
EB: yes, you are talking to the proud owner of a brand new BILL COSBY COMPUTER, ok?
GG: :O
EB: it is a stylish laptop in the shape of none other than bill cosby, the comedy LEGEND himself.
GG: omg
EB: he is looking a little sly, and fatherly, and he is wearing a sweater, and he is bill cosby.
EB: i made it with my alchemiter.
GG: john that is incredible
GG: i cant wait to make stuff like that!!!!!!
GG: except...
GG: all my awesome stuff exploded with my room :(
EB: then you will just have to make lots of NEW awesome stuff!
GG: yay!!!
EB: ok hold that thought, im going to yank this stupid monster off of the thing.

> John: Yank monster off of thing.